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Krystie Ann Makeup And Hair

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HI Ladies,

I was looking to book Krystie Ann and her team for my wedding for hair and makeup. I am still waiting back from her to see if she is available for April 17, 2015. Hopefully she will be. I decided to start this topic just to get some ideas, comments, or overall reviews.


Have any of you brides, past or present, used her at all? if so, do you have any idea of what her pricing is like?

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I am getting married in June 2015 and was hoping to use Krystie Ann, but she leaves DR 3 days before I am getting married :(


I asked her for her price list in January 2014 and this was her prices for 2013-14:

$65 hair

$70 make up

$120 hair and make up

$20 lashes

$10 airbrush application


I hope she is available for you, her work is amazing!!!


Lisa x

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