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Dos And Don'ts For Your Dw In Manuel Antonio

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I recently got married in Costa Rica on Feb2014 and I knew that as a bride, it took me forever to search for information as to what's good and what's not good when it comes to different locations and vendors in Manuel Antonio. Everyone has a different opinion but hopefully this quick list will help a bride out there who was in the same shoes as I a few months back. 



  • Hire Marika in Costa Rica. She is probably the cheapest planner you will get (I checked!), and for the most part she was ok. She had great vendor contacts and seemed on top of everything. Then came the wedding day. She arrived in the morning and I gave her all of my instructions; sadly, the execution simply was not good. She left as soon as the ceremony started and her assistant was pretty much the only person left. I had to give her more instruction because Marika didn't leave her enough information. She also wasn't on top of everything else and I constantly had to leave my seat to tell her something. So yea, it wasn't terrible per se, but bad enough that I don't want anyone else to go through that. Hire a different or extra day of wedding coordinator if possible. 
  • Spend too much on flowers - getting married at the beach is already beautiful, not much decor is needed.
  • Expect everything to be perfect
  • Get a package deal if you care for the details 
  • Hire an officiant for a SYMBOLIC ceremony - if you don't need anything legal done, a close friend or family member will be a better fit.




  1. Rent the Discovery Beach House for both beach ceremony and reception. BEST location in MA for a beach wedding.
  2. Hire El Velo for your photography and video needs
  3. Hire Chef Desiree Brassert for your food - she worked with me to create a custom menu
  4. Hire Carol Bikker for your flowers and centerpieces
  5. Get a cake from Mariposa/Chelsea
  6. Hire Joshua Wilson as your DJ
  7. Hire Priscilla for your hair, and Melania for your makeup
  8. Get your rentals from San Jose - it will be more expensive, but it will be worth it. 


For their contact information, do a quick google search or ask your planner. You're welcome! :)


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Would love your advice on a few things. Getting married in Manuel Antonio in 7 mos. would love to see your hair and makeup. Pls contact me at bandcwed at yahoo dot com.

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