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@@malyna....I have been on tripadvisor.  Secrets is ranked higher but Royalton White Sands is getting great reviews also.  Royalton was a different property and it was bought out and renovated.  It just re-opened Nov 2013.  I really like the wedding location at the Royalton...however, I have done a cost comparison and the actual wedding cost is a bit cheaper at Secrets.  To save money, I will probably choose Secrets but I want to see both resorts to be sure.  June 6th can't get here soon enough. :)

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I made the decision to do a destination wedding so I would have the most amount of time with my guest. I move away from my home town last year, so if I went back there to get married it would be a hassle to see everyone all around town that weekend, other than the few hours at the wedding.


Now that we are doing it at an all inclusive we will be in the same area as all of our guest for a few days. There will be a lot more dinners and days by the pool to create memories rather than just the wedding day.

It was sad knowing everyone won't make it but I believe it will be better quality time with those who do make it.



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