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Hello Ladies

My wedding is 6 weeks away and we are making ALOT of progress on a lot of the little things we have been pushing off. I completed are pre-travel brochures which we will be sending out next week to give our guests time to prepare/pack for the big day!


The contents of the pre-travel mailer are as follows:

1. Letter from myself and my fiancé getting everyone excited for the trip

2. 1 luggage tag per person for their luggage

3. 1 CD with beachy/vacation type songs to get everyone pumped up for Mexico

4. 1 Brochure made on Vistaprint with travel and resort information for our guests


Lastly I included the packets we made up to put into our OOT bags for the guests. These include:

- Shout wipes

- Tylenol


- Colgate wisp

- Emergen-C

-Band aids

-Pepto Bismo



If you would like more information on any of the above please reply to this post or PM me and I'll respond with more detail. I"ve attached photos also in case you want to copy any of these ideas as I certainly got ALOT of these ideas from this forum so want to pay it forward.










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They look fabulous!!!!! Well done!!



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Thank you for posting...these are great ideas!  My wedding isn't until Oct 2015 but this is a great help.



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Everything looks great! Where did you get those adorable little bags? And the colours look super! I'm using the hot pink but with turquoise however the navy looks really good!!

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@@acw271011 -  I got the organza bags on www.papermart.com it's a great website they have tons of ribbon, bags, fabric,etc. I think I paid like $.26/each for the bags and they are GREAT quality and they have ALL different sizes and colors!


I'm going to check it out. It might work for something I'm thinking about if I can find the right size! Thanks!! I really think your little bags look great!! Cool idea!

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