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Can't wait for the report! hope it was an amazing wonderful day!!

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Just found your thread and so loved it - you are a very talented and creative person. We are about to book our wedding and plan to do it at RPRM so I'd love to hear how your wedding went last month! 

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Congrats on your wedding last month!! Just found your Thread...I hope your wedding was fantastic! Your planning thread is great!!!


Love your guest book Idea!! I did that for my friend for her wedding as her present from me...she loved it!


I really want to know where you bought those Cell phone / Key holder cases...they are are awesome

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OMG just came across your planning thread. How did I miss this?


Anyway congratulations on your wedding/marriage. Wish you all the best.


Can't wait to see a review and some updates of your big day.

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I apologize for abandoning my journal and this site for so long. It had been a very, very busy stressful time right after the wedding. I was not able to take a breather until now. 


I have a lot to catch up, but let's start where I left off...




Two days before flying off, I took the Greyhound from Kamloops to Vancouver to gather myself, groom and pack. I had hair and nail appointments which took a day to finish. I went through my list of things to pack and then went through the wedding things to pack. 


In the morning, the limo party bus that we booked to pick up our guests arrived on time. My mom and my brothers were late by 15 mins, and another group was also late, but we arrived at the airport with still time remaining. Sunwing's carry on weight limit is very, very low. Most of us had to stuff things in our luggages to meet the requirement.


The plane got off a little late (after they defrost the whole plane) and we headed out to the sun!





We arrived at the airport and we were greeted with a private bus from Sunwing for our wedding party.





We requested the wedding consultants to help us arrange a welcome dinner party for us. Because of the flight delay, we were late to our dinner. The wedding consultant happened to be at the lobby and was able to arrange with the buffet to keep the welcome dinner party area sectioned off for us.


I don't know about other wedding couples, but Arthur and I are always the first ones at any location and last to leave to ensure all our guests are taken care of. The room assignments took a little while and Arthur and I were the last ones to leave the lobby. 


Welcome Dinner party:



Buffet area:



During the dinner time Arthur and I talked about the events that we have arranged for the week and just did a Q&A session with everyone. We also handed out the Spanish 101 pocket guide at this time.


After the dinner, some people retired back to room, while others (like me and Arthur) are out and about at the bars:



More pictures of the resort:







Best server was in this restauarant...and the best thing is...THEY SERVE WARM SAKE!



To be continued...



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