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Kukua Beach Club Brides (2014,2015,2016)

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Hello Lovely Ladies,


I haven't ran accross a thread dedicated to Kukua Beach Brides. So here it is!!!! Let's start planning :)

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@@MrandMrsBonitto2016 Its going good. I had foot surgery so I have been off work the past 2 weeks which has given me a lot of time to look at wedding stuff!!!  :D


I have pretty much paid all my deposits (Kukua, make up, photo/video) so now I just have to make decor selections, get invitations, decide on menu and dress. All the fun stuff! lol


Its so hard to do favor type stuff until you know your exact # of guests

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@@MrandMrsBonitto2016 I picked HDC Photo for my photo and video. I will be getting 6 hours of each for $2000. Compared to other prices ive seen...you can't beat that. I love their photo style! One of my guests gf is a bridal make up artists, so I will be using her services for make up. And my hair dresser is also a guest and I will be using her for that. 


Yes do your research early. That will make it enjoyable as oppose to stressful 

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