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I have some pictures as well from my TA. Email me at Anita.mannancheril@@gmail.com and I'll send them to you guys


I'm planning a 85 to 100 person wedding and let's see how it goes haha. But the spa is huge I heard!


Yes which do did you use @jrobbins?

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Date confirmed for 14 October. Decided on the Chapel and to have the on site photographer and hair/makeup stylist. Photographer looked pretty good so I am pleased!!


@@daconqueror might see you there as we leave on 21st....enjoy xx



14 October 2015

Royalton Riviera Cancun, Mexico

Hi there,


Congratulations on booking your wedding :) 


Could you please tell me how you know the onsite photographer looks good? I would love to see some photos as we are wanting to buy one of the packages. Do they have a portfolio?


Also do you know how many weddings they do a day at this resort?


Thank you in advance :) 

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Hi Ladies, I am new to this forum. But would really like some information on Royalton Weddings.


I am researching a few hotels, and the Royalton is standing out. Of course I've read some bad review of the hotel but for the most part they are good!


Could anyone provide me with wedding pictures, and personal wedding experiences? I would greatly appreciate it! We are planning our wedding in June for 60-75 guest. We are wanting a formal wedding and private dinner/dance...can this be accommodated there?

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Hi Ladies,


I am new to this as well, we are getting married June 2016! Just trying to decide which resort to get married at, but so far I am leaning towards this resort if the pricing doesn't get too crazy.  Does anyone have any more info, pictures, pricelists?  I love the sky terrace for the wedding!


All feedback is really appreciated :)


My email is lubapinzar@@gmail.com


Thanks so much!!

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@@maybeoneday How was your wedding? I hope you had a fantastic time. Can you send me some photos please as we are considering the chapel too so would be really good to see so e photos? My email address is gemmalpeck@hotmail.co.uk

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Hi Everyone,


Sorry for the late review. Our wedding was amazing thanks to everyone at the Royalton Riviera Cancun. It was just the two of us and was better than I could have ever imagined!


My husband (I love saying that!!) and I stayed at the RRC between 7-21 October 2015 and had our wedding at the Hideaway Sky Terrace on 14 October. Like most people I read the reviews on Trip Advisor daily and thought about moving hotels however as we had our wedding booked here it would have been a hassle to change everything to a new hotel. We are pretty laid back so went with an open mind.


I'll start at the beginning.....


I booked 3 weeks off work so had a few days before we flew to get all the last minute shopping and beauty treatments done. All was fine until we decided to meet friends the night before for a few drinks...which turned into far too many! We had a taxi booked for 8.00am the following morning so woke up early to finish off packing. Unfortunately I had over packed and was quite a bit over our allocated weight! After being quite ruthless and with 5 mins spare we were done and on our way!


I will skip the palaver we had at the Airport both in the UK and Cancun ( i will put this in my own thread review) but once we left Cancun Airport we were at our destination 20 minutes later!


*Check in*

Not the best looking hotel upon approach but once in the views are breathtaking! We received sparkling wine and a cool towel upon arrival and the bell boys provided a ticket for our bags. We were swiftly taken the Hideaway Check in which was very smooth. Our wedding package included a room upgrade but the check in staff had no record of this and said to speak to the onsite wedding team the next day as they were closed when we arrived - we were late due to an incident at Customs! We were escorted to our room and the facilities were explained along the way.




*Room 3226*

Our key cards didn't work when we got to our room so the staff member let us in...Guess what....Mangrove/Swamp View! He showed us where everything was and how the TV worked. He advised us to go to check in about the key cards and about room location.

Back to check in...We were given new keys swiftly with lots of apologies and were advised to come back the next day to see what could be done about a room change. I cannot fault them as they were very sincere and apologetic.

The room was beautiful and exactly like the hotel photos but it smelt quite damp. Also there is a service road at the bottom of the block which was in use regularly during the night. Very noisy!

The next morning I went to see our Wedding coordinator, Brenda, about wedding details and asked about a room upgrade. She went through everything with us and said she would get back to us about the room. An hour later she found us and showed me a new room overlooking the Hideaway pool and ocean to the side....Stunning! It would be ready a little later so we were asked to pack (lucky we hadn't unpacked) and go back to check in later. All sorted! Brenda, Alonso (Head of Hideaway check in) and check in staff were amazing..fab service!


*New Room 1421*

Wow... loved it. Everything people have raved about was true...amazing super king size bed, double rainfall shower, jacuzzi...the list goes on! Views were great!




*General Hotel and Grounds*

The hotel and grounds are beautiful! Yes there were works going on while we were there and the grounds are uneven/slippy in some areas but just be a little cautious.



There are a choice of restaurants and a buffet. We went to the buffet on most occasions as the choice there is unbelievable! They have fresh food stations so can cook to your individual tastes. So much choice! The staff greeting you at the buffet day and night were lovely...fantastic service!

We tried Dorados for breakfast. Service was a little slow but we had amazing views. From what I heard all restaurants were great especially the Zen Tepenyaki table but we didn't try all of them ourselves. Hopefully next time ;-)



We just stayed in the Hideaway section. All pools were clean. The staff here were so attentive from the poolside waiters/waitresses. We had Blanca, Santiago and Oscar all of which were great. Always around to get a fresh drink or provide menu for food. Poolside food was limited but very tasty. Great if you didn't want to leave the pool area. Pool bar was great for a quick shot now and then!

There is always some form of entertainment in the Hideaway Section from the violinist who was amazing, dance entertainment and general pool entertainment games. The entertainment team did try to get people involved but were not intrusive at all.



There are so many bars here including pool bars. We went to the lobby bar for the few evenings which was nice and relaxed but quite dark. We then went to Martini Mix on the Ground floor which was great. There was always live music there in the evenings and had a more lively atmosphere. The staff here were amazing...very friendly and remembered what you liked to drink. They gave us a few drinks to try after they got to know what we liked and every one was delicious! Must try the Chocolate Martini, Mini Beer, Mini Guinness and Bumblebee...amazing! Emmanuel (sp?..I think) was especially great! Shame he wasn't there on our last day as we wanted to say a big Thank you to him for the service he provided. They also had some bartenders who did a fantastic cocktail making show...truly amazing!



Every single person we encountered at Royalton was amazing. Always smiling and looked immaculate especially in that heat! They are so friendly and make you feel like they genuinely want to make your stay as amazing as possible...which they did perfectly. Aldo who is at the main lobby area and occasionally at the Hideaway concierge area was lovely. Again provided valuable information in the first few days there. So many names to remember...so apologies if I haven't mentioned you.



Before we arrived we liaised with Sofia Simon-Baptiste at Royalton Head office Wedding department. She was fantastic and provided us with all the information we needed to make an informed decision. As it was just for 2 people, they were one of the only hotels that did a package tailored for this called 'Just the two of us'. She guided us through the processes with ease and gave the hotel all the information they needed to continue the process upon arrival.

Our on site wedding coordinator was a lovely lady called Brenda. She was FANTASTIC! As mentioned earlier she sorted out the issue with our room very quickly and always came back to us to let us know of any updates.

We changed our minds on the venue when we got there and decided to upgrade to the Hideaway Sky Terrace instead of the Chapel. The Chapel was beautiful and for those getting married there go for it but we just wanted it to be a little more discrete.








Hideaway Sky Terrace








Brenda sorted this for us with ease and for me to have the Spa Bridal Suite to get ready in as I was already getting my hair and make up done there (other half arranged this). This was all done at short notice but you would not have realised as it was as smooth as clock work. She arranged a surprise for us in our room when we returned from our meal and stayed after her normal working hours to ensure we had an amazing day.


Our Ceremony was at 4.30pm. I was at the Bridal suite by 1.30pm for facial, makeup and hair. My hair and makeup was done by a lovely young man called Elias. He did an amazing job and I am so grateful to him. He, again, was fantastic and knew exactly what he was doing. He asked what I wanted and did it better than I could ever have imagined!




I was ready by 3.15pm so put on the dress....only one problem....difficult to get a corset back done up yourself! As if by magic Brenda appeared and helped me! The dress was a little snug after a week of amazing food and lots of alcohol but once on it felt fine.


Bouquet was huge...definitely not small as described. Loved it!!




4.15pm I was on my way....


There is a lift that goes directly to the Sky Wedding area. I waited in it until the music played and then walked down the aisle to John Legend 'All of Me'.

Everything was perfect.

The minister spoke great English and talked about love and commitment.

We did their vows and then signed certificate.


Photographer - we used the hotel recommended vendor Photo Pro and had Andrea as our wedding photographer. He has great! He made us feel at ease as we both hate posing for photos. We only booked the basic package as it was just the two of us. We ended up buying all the photos as they were all fab! Money well spent.


A thunderstorm was brewing by around 6.00pm so we enter back to the room and I did put on my second dress for the meal and drinks.


We had a semi private room at the Hunters Steakhouse which was fantastic! Beautiful surroundings, see and food!




And then drinks at the Martini Bar.


The day was everything we had hoped for.


A big 'Thank You' to everyone on this forum for your advice and support through out this process xxx



14 /10/2015 - R R C, Mexico

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@maybeoneday  Great review! Thanks for posting and the photos are great!

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Hi Ladies,


I am new to the forum and am also looking to get some more info if possible. We have booked our wedding at the Royalton for August 2016  :)  I know that this is during their rainy season, and am wondering what the wedding location options are if it is raining on the day? All the locations I have seen so far seem to be open to the elements?

Also, our wedding package includes just a 30 min sesion with the photographer. Is there an option to pay extra to have them for longer? 

Any info would be great  :D


Thanks! xxx

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