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Maui Wedding June 2015 Where To Start

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Me and my Fiance got engaged in Dec and due to the smaller size of our family and wanting to incorporate our wedding with time spent with family and friends we have decided on Maui. We plan to do Maui 3 days then fly to another Island for the next 3 alone. At first I was just excited with the Idea of being engaged, being able to look at fun Ideas and Ideas but I have come to the reality that though its a little over a year away I do need to put something's into place so I can let people know out of curtousy. Our budget is about 8K for everything and ideally we would like to do a day or sunset wedding with a good package of pictures and décor included (flower petals, arch chairs) and possibly hair makeup but not mandatory. For reception we are looking into private luaus, a very small private reception dinner where we can have a first dance and toast, a small charter or catamaran or lastly a nice restaurant with a private area.  I know that also but were open we just don't know where to start. We have about 20 guests as of now.


I am confused on the two sides of the islands and what they offer/what are the better resorts, hotels and possible condos for guests along with budgeting and hearing from the inside source of what I should start with considering we cant go to HI until our wedding.


I would love some input on the areas of the islands, packaged, reception options ect....I figure having real people to talk to will give more favorable results and lift some stress!


Thank you!!

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You've come to the right place for some great resources of info, ideas and support - so you're already off to a great start, AC2015 - well done! enjoy your journey and have a Amazing Wedding Celebration with your family + friends in Maui !!!




cheers! team MTM :)

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