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Hi everyone!


I'm 3 weeks out from my wedding at El Dorado Royale!!!


We are preparing to send our pre travel email to our guests and I thought I had saved some really well worded ones from BDW but now am having a terrible time finding what I saved!


We want to word the part about landing at Cancun airport and having our guests avoid all the guys who are trying to "help with luggage" and time share airport reps We don't want to scare any of our guests though so we want to word it properly. 


Any advice?


A lot of people got their travel documents this weekend from our TA and of course mention was made of the resort credit vouchers (Ie. candlelight dinner, $50.00 off wine, $100 off spa, etc) Of course we got texts and calls today from people concerned that the hotel wasn't all inclusive!!! How crazy and ridiculous of our guests!! We want to word something about that and getting the vouchers from the concierge without partaking in the time share presentation.

Did anyone have good wording for that? We don't want to freak people out thinking they are going to be harassed the whole time!








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I sent this out one week prior to leaving...I must admit, I lifted quite a bit of it from other brides that are on here.  I hope it helps!


Hi Everyone!


I hope this e-mail finds you well.  It’s less than a week until we leave for Mexico!  We want to make this vacation as stress-free as possible, so we’ve put together this e-mail to give you some pointers about travelling to Mexico and about your stay at the Now Sapphire!



What to Pack?

We have come up with a wonderful packing list on our website.  Please take a look for all of the essentials you need to bring – including LOTS of sunscreen and sun protection.  Please note that there is a dress code for many of the restaurants.  Men should have at least one pair of long pants and either dress sandals or dress shoes.   Also, collared shirts are required for men in all restaurants except the buffet.  This is strictly enforced.  Ladies will be ok in dresses, or skirts.

Please don’t forget your passport!! 


The Airport

The Cancun airport can be very busy.  After getting off the plane, go immediately to the customs area.  Make sure you have your tourist card filled out (you will be given this on the plane, keep it safe because you will need it to return home).  Once through customs, claim your baggage and proceed to the “red light district”.  Here you will test your luck with the press of a button.  A green light means you are free to proceed with your baggage.  A red light means that your bags are going to be searched.  Don’t worry, this is pretty standard.  I got the red light once and it took an extra 5 minutes.

Once through customs you will exit the building.  Here you will face a mass of people that are ready to “help you”.  Proceed through the sliding door and keep an eye on your baggage and keep your bags with you at all times!  Porters may approach you and pick up your bags only to carry them a few feet and expect a tip.  Don’t fall for it.  Also, there will be people trying to show you a time-share or tours…IGNORE THEM, or give a firm “No, Gracias”.  Once you make your way through the hall just outside the doors is where you will find all of the vans, taxis and transfer services.


Cell Phones

The Now Sapphire has a great new app!  The app allows you to make phone calls, and access their wifi all for FREE.  Search “Now Sapphire Unlimited Connectivity” and you should be able to find it.  The app also has a list of daily activities at the resort and a menu for all of the restaurants.  It’s pretty cool to check out before you even leave!


What about Money?

The currency in Mexico is the Peso, however American dollars are accepted pretty much everywhere.  An estimate of the exchange rate is approximately 10-13 peso = $1.  It would be a good idea to bring small bills as many places will not offer change and they are useful for tipping.  If you plan to use your credit card, please call your company and let them know your travel plans.


We should add that there will be time share vendors at the resort.  They will try to entice you to hear their sales pitch by offering you free massages, free dolphin swims or even money.  They will tell you that you will only have to sit through a 60 minute presentation.  Often 60 minutes can turn into 2-3 hours, and trust us, these people can often be very, very pushy.  And really, who wants to spend 3 hours of vacation inside at a presentation?  Not us!  If these people approach you, firmly tell them you aren't interested and they should leave you alone.



Finally, we would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to celebrate this wonderful day with us.  We are so happy to share such a meaningful day with you.  Can’t wait to see you in the Caribbean!!




Dina and Patrick

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@@DinaQtobe Thank you so much for sharing! I'm a ways from that but saving it for later so I don't have to try to find it again in a year! Amanda hope you have an amazing time! 

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Awesome!!!   I am going to mail my letter as I made them luggage tags, but am going to direct them back to our wedding website for a more thorough list.


Love your ideas.  


This is my idea either for the letter and/or website


1. info about the transfer at the airport and the 'helpful' people

2. costs at my resort for wifi and the in-room safe

3. recap for them (already on my wedding website) how the AI works, how to book ala cartes, what to bring clothing wise for same, time share people, and tips (sunscreen, swimsuit coverups, bubba mugs, etc.)

4. packing list

4. must haves (passport, tipping money, etc.)

5. luggage tags we are making

6. how to access our picture app so we can enjoy everyone's pictures

7. tentative idea (unless firmed up beforehand) of welcome drinks, etc. 

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great ideas ladies! We are gong to do a wedding mailer with luggage tags as well just to keep the excitement up as we near the departure date. 


I was thinking of using vista print for the mailers, i know other brides have done this as well but i can't seem to find a sticky for layouts. Does anyone have anything?

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Here is mine, hopefully they come out a little larger. Let me know if they don't, I will reattach them.


I attached our luggage tags as well, they are going in clear luggage tag holders





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