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Travel Agent? To Use Or Not To Use...

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@@csho  I do not live in Canada, unfortunately. But thank you for the insight! =) ... How did you find your travel agent?

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I actually found her on here and through a facebook group and she just happened to live in the same city as me. But I had planned on using her before I even found out because she had had such good reviews! Good luck finding someone!

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Hi LauraM, TA Wendy here,

I wanted to chime in and just reassure you that you should not let physical distance from your TA be the only selection criteria. For those of us Wright Travel Agents here on the forum, it is pretty rare that we actually get to meet our brides face to face, and that is often only due to the fact that we have become friends over the time we work together and wind up attending the wedding if we happen to be on site at that time!

I normally work with about 40 wedding groups per year, from all over the country, and communication is by phone, or email, and it works perfectly. Guests are given my contact information and I answer all of their questions, get their rooms booked for them and keep in constant touch with the bride and groom on who has booked, how many rooms are left, etc,

I am always available to answer questions with turn around time normally about 20 minutes. So even if your agent is not physically next door, you should select one who has expertise in destination weddings, knows your area and is responsive and knowledgeable.

I would be happy to answer any of your questions, just PM me if you would like to discuss!

Best wishes!

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