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Now Larimar Book 5 Rooms Get The 6Th Free

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Hi beauties!


I am trying to figure out this promo at Now Larimar and other amresorts where if you book 5 rooms you get the 6th room free based on double occupancy. i understand it goes back to the group leader (Me) as a credit to my cc but the amount is my concern. My ta says the credit will not include taxes so in essence the 6th room is not "free". For example. Our group rate is $108 pnpp. So I calculated for my 6th room the credit would be $216 per night for double occupancy per room. My TA says this is wrong. It will be less bc I cant include taxes. Well how much is taxes??


Has anybody done this already and can help me understand the credits or share what your credit was and your room cost per night.

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Hi Brenda - Hope your day is going well! I heard back from the supplier and AMResorts is now allowing single occupancy rooms to count towards the room count for Now Larimar and the comp will be based on the gross amount - so it is a "free" room for the number of nights they calculate including taxes but not the transfer costs! I apologize for the confusion - I wish they would have updated us too so we can make sure we're providing clients with current & accurate information! I just sent this info to you in an email as well. Thanks! TA Patty  

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