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Paradisus Punta Cana 2014-2015 Brides

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Hi Ladies!


I'm confirmed for our wedding on MARCH 22, 2015!

I love reading all of the comments on here from ladies who have had a great experience!


Anyone getting married around our date? Would love to know your current to-dos.


I have already reserved our own photographer to fly down with us (and stay 3 days, in order to avoid the 1000 outside vendor penalty). We really loved our photographer after having out engagement photoshoot with her and felt that since the photos are the MOST important thing for us, that it would be worth the extra money for amazing photos.

When it's all said and done, the photos are really the only tangible thing you have left of your wedding day.

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Here you go!



Can you please email me the attachment? I cant open it in the forums. (yalitza0408@@gmail.com)


I'm getting married on July 26 2014 at PPC and would like to see what the pricing for Hair and Makeup for my bridesmaids in the resort or if i should just hire someone to come to the resort and do it.


Thank you & Happy Planning!!


I got married at Palma Real and did the Tailor Made package. Am happy to give input on the resort, facilities, music, photographer, etc. There is a lot to know and handle. I had 95 people at my wedding and all from out of town. It went off perfectly. Got married on the beach and reception poolside.

Just reach out if you have questions. My wedding was May 2013.



I'm getting married on July 26 2014 and I have also chosen the Tailor Made Package, can you email me any input you have. I'm trying not to go over my budget with the add-on's.





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Hi Ladies,

I know there are other threads out there on this subject but wanted to ask you all. How do you handle guests/family that invite themselves to your wedding?  I have a very large Dominican family but i'm only inviting my immediate family and close friends and my FI is as well, he's actually closer to his friends than his family.  We are inviting his sister and husband. She keeps reminding me to send an invite to her two grown kids that are both married and whom we have no intention of inviting. We are not close to them.   How would you handle? I have told her SEVERAL times, we are only inviting immediate family and close friends, we are keeping it really small.  She doesnt' seem to want to acknowledge what I'm saying.  I don't want to be a bridezilla and lose my cool but I don't feel I should be having to deal with this already...I haven't even sent out my save the dates!!! Help!  Any advise?  Should I just let him deal with her?

Let him handle his family and you handle yours.  We all tend to be more forgiving and understanding with our own.

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Hello Ladies!

My wedding was July 26 2014 and I must say everything came out BEAUTIFUL!!! You will not regret having your wedding at PPC. I had 60guest and I went with the tailor made package, so I had a weekend full of fun. I had my wedding ceremony on the beach at 5pm, cocktail hour on the beach and the reception in the ballroom. I must say what made my wedding extra special was having my wedding planner Theresa by my side the whole time.  I went with an outside photographer and videographer who were awesome!!!   If you have any questions or concerns please ask as this forum helped me a lot when I was in the planning stages.


Happy Planning and Best of Luck!



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Hi Everyone,


I'm getting married at PPC on January 18, 2015. We are having garden ceremony at 5pm, reception in the ballroom following. My mom and I are currently going back and forth with their decorating company for price quotes. I'm glad they request everything be in writing so you have proof of it, but I hate having to wait on answers. We also just booked Pastor York for our symbolic ceremony. I was a little hesitant to spend so much money on him considering my husband and I already had our court wedding here in LA last year, however, I have heard he was amazing and I did want it to be special even if we are already married.


Anybody have anything to share about party favors? I can't decide what I want but I want it to be practical since everyone will need to fly back with it. Also, has anybody getting married in 2015 booked with the Entice Me rates? I had to book at the regular rates and Maria who booked me said once the rates for 2015 come out they can adjust my package to reflect the new rates and she believes they will continue as they do every year. I just hope they continue with the entice me rates because I am expecting 125 people which is a $3000 savings to me. 


My wedding is 6 months away and I feel like things are going as planned. My mom and I are doing DIY letterpress invitations to send out in September so I will post pics once they are done. Let me know if anyone has any questions!

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Yea I wish i could say i was super smart and thought about it all in detail, but it was all our wedding planner; she really put things into perspective. If i decided on my own i would have gone with the taylor package and spent a shitload (pardon my french) for just a BBQ...lol not worth it. Plus the allure package had more of what we wanted as far as decorations.
If you want our wedding planners' contact info let me know and i can put you two in contact.


@@Soon2B2014 I've been torn about having the Tailor Made Package. But, after reading what you posted I may look further into the Allure Package to cut cost.

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