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Sun Palace May 14 Wedding For 'just The 2 Of Us'

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I am eloping with my groom and we have decided to honeymoon at the Sun

Palace. Because they offer a complimentary symbolic wedding we have decided to look into it.


So, far it does not seem free, but I was wondering what others thought?


It actually cost $250 'deposit.' I say cost, because it is Non-refundable, but you can apply it towards wedding 'costs.'


Since they are providing

the very basics for just the 2 of us, I was thinking about using it for the wedding photography.


That cost $1,000 plus. I am wondering if the free wedding is worth it and want to know from brides who married at Sun Palace.


Thank you.

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Hi Hailey12


We worked with a couple a few years back who took advantage of the same offer. The basics looked great, The Ceremony on the beach, after the ceremony a cake for two and some champagne. The bride and groom got ready together and it was one of our favourite ceremony's ! 


Sun Palace Wedding Photography and the brides review !


If you want to PM us we would be happy to send you the brides email.

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