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Tina's Peacock Wedding Planning Blog

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Hi and welcome to my blog!



My wedding date is April 12, 2014 & I am getting married at Azul Beach Resort in Rivera Maya Mexico. My wedding theme is peacock with a focus on the colors purple, royal blue and turquoise.



We sent out save the dates January 2013. We figured it would give people plenty of notice if they would like to come. We also did two versions of the STDs to save some $$.  We purchased 20 magnet versions (Vistaprint) to send to family, the bridal party, and anyone we thought would def try to make it.




We are trying to keep the cost of the wedding as low as possible.  I am currently underemployed and looking for a teaching job.  As you know invitations can really run you into a big expense. I do a lot of my shopping on Etsy and fell in love with the boarding pass style invitations.  however, they were crazy expensive! I had an idea in mind and drew it out.  I found an artist on Etsy who was able to turn the picture into a digital file that I printed at Staples. I purchased envelopes at envelopes.com.  I bought Custom peacock stamps from stamps.com & custom address labels from zazzle. I designed our monogram using mircosoft word.


Total cost if I did not do a DIY would have been $350-$400.

DIY cost- $150




Outfitting me and the Bridal Party


I always dreamed of having a princess wedding- with the big poofy gown, tiara, etc. I however, don't think that fits with a beach wedding.  Reality vs. expectation also came into play here.  I tried on several "princess" gowns...and they just weren't doing it for me.  They were pretty (as were all the dresses I tried on) but they weren't the one. The dress I chose was the last one I put on...and almost didn't try.  its a style I never saw myself in.  I didn't make an on the spot decision.  I took pictures and went home to review them.  I think I felt a little too on the spot in the store and I was only seeing the dress...not me in it.  When I reviewed the pics I just knew when I came to the David Tutera Florrie dress that it was "THE ONE."




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GREAT job!!!!  I love your blog and look forward to reading more and seeing more pics!   :D  I love your colors & peacock theme - very pretty!

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Looks like my wedding dress pics didn't upload in the last post so ill try again here.  Anyway...to continue where I left off...I went shopping for bridesmaid dresses very early! I am very busy and coach cheerleading...once the season starts im totally unavailable. 


My number one dress choice was the allure style with the ruffle on the front. I found it on Pinterest and had to see it in person.  When we went shopping I immediately fell in love with it.  The allure dress is pictured in teal.


That shopping trip with in the summer June/July.  It gave the girls plenty of time to order.  My room block down payments were due the week after Christmas and then full payment due the end of January.  I figured the early selections would help them budget the costs of the wedding :)


Well I was wrong.  In October one of my bridesmaids decided to start complaining about the dress.  This is coming from a girl who's wedding I was in and had no say in the dress.  Her main issue was it was too heavy for a beach wedding. Now I have also been in the wedding party for a destination wedding and wore a dress in the same material.  We were fine.  Anyway, I agreed to shop again.  I definitely prefer my first choice.  The second dress is nice but I don't think it looks like a bridesmaid dress. it looks like something for a cocktail party. The new dress is pictured in purple however the actual dress with be purple with a black lace overlay like in the last picture.  I think I would be in love with the dresses if we were able to have the lace match the rest of the dress.

One positive about the new dress is that the lace compliments my dress :)





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When it comes to the actual wedding...I really haven't gotten far with planning. 


I have figured out what I am getting for my bridesmaids.  I intend to purchase their jewelry- which I haven't settled on yet.  In addition to that I'm getting some items that will make for great getting ready photos.


Some items have been purchased-

Personalized Hangers- Etsy-HangingMemories4Ever  $85 for 5 hangers

Robes- ordering from wedding prep gals.  Robe only. Stepmother in Law will embroider $131 (4 adult 1 child)

Flip Flops- approx. $5 bc I intend to DIY using old navy flip flops

Personalized Tote bags- (to place all gifts in)  Etsy PersonalizedGiftsbyJ  $30 (3 bags- 2BMs & Mom)

Peacock Feather Hair Clip- $2- already have the materials for a DIY


*Undecided- May add in peacock clutch but they are $30 each and will prob only be used that day.  Not sure if its worth it.



All purchased items are color coordinated to what the bridesmaid is wearing.

Everything purchased for J-is purple 

                                         C-is royal blue

                                         My daughter- turquoise

                                         My mom- Navy blue







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My Accessories.


A while ago I saw this picture on pinterest of the blonde girl with the jewel headband & fell in love.  Then a while later I came across a headband that looks peacock inspired.  I am definitely going to wear a sparkly belt so im not sure how everything will look together. I'm going to buy it and take it to the fitting...then I can decided from there.  As much as I hate to spend money the headband is $35...so its not a big loss if I don't wear it.


I also found this necklace on davids bridal website.  I think it also looks peacock inspired and compliments the headband. Cost of the necklace and earrings...only $30 :)


Now as for shoes...I haven't purchased them yet but I do have my heart set on something blue.  I am a huge fan of sex and the city & loved carries shoes.  I like that she was the last single girl of her friends...as am I.  I also came across these jeweled peacock embellishments that I can purchase from Etsy for $38.







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Very nice, great ideas and taste!

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Centerpieces & table Decor


None of this is actually set in stone yet...but these are some of my ideas. Azul beach is partnered with Lomas travel- Just some background on Lomas.  Everything is OVERPRICED & unimpressive (unless of course u get one of the pre-set packages that start at $3000 for ceremony décor & $300 per table. In any case they don't match my theme)


Anyway...Lomas is awful. All selections are made by looking at tiny pictures that aren't clear, cut out half the flowers or don't actually show you all of your options.  so basically you are ordering blindly and just have to hope that the vision in your head somehow fits what you order off the site.  I also hate the flower options. Most are mainly roses, gerber daisies, or lilies. Don't get me wrong they are beautiful flowers...but they are ordinary and 2 of my now bridesmaids have used lilies.


I decided to go the route of bringing my own decorations. I absolutely love the purple orchids! but the artificial ones are hard to come by and very expensive.  I shopped around on Etsy and came across these ostrich feather centerpieces.  they aren't the most amazing centerpiece but I do love how they can be lighted to match the wedding theme... I think once the sun goes down they will look awesome at the reception.  The same vendor also sells the drowned orchids.  I may or may not get them.  I intend to bring all this stuff on the plane so I just want to be careful I don't overload us.


The chairs are the reception are a dark wood.  I would like to have royal blue sashes tied on them & purple napkins at each setting.  I would like to incorporate the teal in picture frames.  I found this "kissing menu" on Pinterest and love it! So print that and from it in turquoise. 





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The Groomsmen


I came across this picture on Pinterest and totally loved the look.  Dressy yet still casual for the guys.  I think I'm going to keep the groomsmen in white ties and the groom in a color.  Not totally planned out on this yet.  For shoes they'll be wearing white addidas sneakers that will also be their groomsmen gifts.


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You are a lot further ahead than you think from the sound of things.  love Love LOVE the first headband (view of the back of her head). It really compliments the jewelry and the fab shoes!  I agree with @@tesa - very nice...great ideas! it's going to look great.  :D  this is inspiring!

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@girlinthecity97-  The things ive posted on here are the things I have total control over.  Anything happening in Mexico (dinners, decorations, etc) are obsolete.  Part of the reason im writing this is to make me see that some things are getting done.

The Cake-


Cakes at Azul are pretty pricey.  That's probably the case anywhere with these destination weddings.  I've also come across some reviews and pictures of cakes that people have ordered here and they are to say the least...disappointing.  I decided to go with something simple to avoid the outrageous fees for added decoration.  After a little searching on my favorite website- Etsy...I found a pretty peacock feather embellishment.  the picture on Etsy is what I sent to the planner, so fingers crossed...that's what the cake will look like the day of.  Top tier will be vanilla rum & bottom tier will be oreo :)


The first cake pic I attached is one of the cakes I came across while searching for cake reviews.  Pretty pathetic. That's probably a $300 cake.  the 2nd pic is what I hope to see on my wedding day



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