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Hello Pam,


I am new to BDW. I am extremely interested in doing my wedding at RWS. However, I can't seem to find much info about the wedding dept. Im planning my wedding for April 2016, so I have to get the ball rolling. I noticed that you attached a few helpful document that I am unable to view. Would you mind sending that info to my personal email. Also, if you have any contact info for the wedding coordinator/ planner, I could definitely use that. Thank you in advance! email- deeandbryjamaica2016@@gmail.com


Dianne and Bryan

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Hi @@cheryl144 congratulations on your upcoming wedding!


We are getting married at the Royalton on 2nd April 2015, we booked the wedding directly with the hotel as our travel agent didn't do weddings there either, I have had no problems dealing with the hotel directly, Laura is who you deal with when planning she is located outside of the resort, she has helped me immensely throughout the whole planning process and is very quick at getting back to you with answers to any questions you have (and I've had a lot ha)!


We paid a $200 fee to reserve a date and time for our wedding (which we had no problem), then Laura gets back in touch about 3 months before the wedding date to start finalising all the details, we went with the dream package as we also are only having a small intimate wedding of only 13 people so we opted for a private dinner reception on the beach and chose from the pick and choose menu. You pay for the rest of the wedding 45 days before your wedding date,


The extras can be quite expensive I was shocked at the prices of some things! we are bringing our own candles and decorations with us and using our own sound system (ipod docking station) for the reception as we just want an intimate relaxed dinner reception,


hope this helps :)


If there's anything else I can help you with just let me know, happy planning xx

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Hi everyone! I'm in the process of researching resorts for my destination wedding and I came across Royalton White Sands resort. Their packages seemed like a great deal initially, but upon reading these reviews I'm a bit hesitant. I will be contacting the resort for more details, but in the meantime, can anyone please forward me info/quotes of the add-ons and a la carte options?? I'm under pressure to choose a location because I'm hoping to get married around August 2015. Any help in prices and options would be amazing. Thanks!




My email: p_sukhlall@yahoo.com

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Thanks for your reply @@paulah1984

we are all booked in now and they have been very quick to reply with every message ive sent :)

Still not sure what we are going with, hopefully the free package with extras added on if we get the 5 rooms. Does anybody know if this includes your own room?

And im hoping to take things with me without being charged a fortune by the hotel ????

Do you know what you are going to do about a photographer yet? X

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Hi everyone,


Congrats to all the brides-to-be and the recently married ladies as well!


I just started wedding planning for a potential date in Jan 2016. And wow, didn't realize how stressful choosing a resort and destination would be!


Can anyone tell me an approximate price of how much you are spending on the wedding at RWS?


For those who are flying to Jamaica from Toronto, ON, I'd like an idea of how much your guests' all-inclusive package costs. Please and thank you!!


Any help is appreciated :)

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Hello future brides!! I've been reading all your posts, comments and reviews for months now! (I was engaged last April 2013) BUT My fiance and I were not ready yet to begin planning because of other great things happening in our lifes: house, new job, etc.


NOW, we are ready! And I'm super duper excited to get started!!


We always knew we would have a destination wedding so back when I was first engaged, I started to look up resorts...


I came across the Royalton White Sands in Montego Bay. It just opened this November 2014.


Well, we took a chance and booked our wedding despite them not being opened for that long! My date: November 17, 2014. YAY! :)


Anyways, enough about me - the whole point is I can't find ANYTHING on this website for the Royalton White Sands SO I thought I would post what I have so far from the wedding planner in case any other brides need more info!


Happy Planning ladies - wishing you all the best!


Pam :) xo

Hi @@pamelas21 ! You seem to the go-to person on this forum :)


Can you please give me an idea of how much your guests paid for their all-inclusive package from Toronto to Montego Bay. I don't want my guests to break their banks in order to attend our wedding.


Also, do you have any more pics of the wedding set up at the resort that you feel comfortable sharing? If not, that is completely ok!


Thank you in advance!!



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@@pamelas21 Please ignore my previous msg to you. I continued reading through this forum and realized that you already posted the cost your guests paid for their all-inclusive package. And I also saw the different links other ladies posted for pics.

Thanks :)

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