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well...I don't know for sure. ive read and will keep looking on forums to see if anyone has tried this yet.  One bride commented that any outside vendors will not be able to get passed that gate...so for now that's all I know.


Most recently I sent an email to Fabio, who's supposed to be like a head coordinator.  It was a pretty lengthy complaint about everything I've dealt with from outside vendor fees to finding better prices on everything.


I did finally get an email from Fabio but it was just to say that he's received my message and will get back to me.


I'm putting up a fight for everything.  I was able to get my hair and makeup approved bc they do airbrush and the hotel does not offer that.  Im supposed to pay for a day pass but I reviewed the info on the passes and they are for guests who will be eating and drinking.  the stylists are only there for a couple hours and don't take advantage of that stuff...so my argument is why should I have to pay a fee for services that the hotel can't provide- especially when the charge is supposed to be for things they are not taking advantage of.

     - Im also hoping to use this excuse for video.  Ive come across some awesome videographers who do the cinematic wedding videos.  I've looked at Caribe and matias cano and they don't seem to do that style. So I'm hoping I can use this to my advantage.


As for flowers and cake...I see it this way- its no different then me bringing decorations from home or going into cancun or playa for stuff.  I'm sure I will get stuck paying a set up fee...even tho I've been trying to fight this too.  Im paying for a wedding package and private reception.  the wedding package is supposed to include set up of tables and white linens.  My issue is I want to use the same decorations that they would use, only bring them in my color scheme.  My planner told me the charge was bc they are doing more work than usual...but that's not true.  there is no difference in tying a white chair sash vs. a blue one.  I would understand set up fees if they were doing something not included in the package...hanging lanterns, uplighting, etc.


Basically, you are in luck.  Your not getting married for another year.  I'll be the guinea pig and let you know how all this goes. I'm happy to help out fellow brides. so many reviews and comments on Azul talk about the nickel and diming but no one seems to have tried to fight it or find a way around it.


I have a vision in my head that can be executed...just not with Lomas in charge.


I'll keep you posted :)

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Thanks Kara...very helpful Info...  I think your plans is something I wanna do.... beach wedding then a casual cocktail.. I'm having maybe 10 guest plus 2 for us... most of the pkgs say min of 16....  do you have any info on that ???


I want to still be able to have cake/speeches/first dance privately and not at a restaurant.

So wedding on beach... cocktail for 1-2hrs.... then dinner at a restaurant... I don't wanna pay for a dinner either for

an all inclusive place....crazy to me!!.....  just a few lite things for cocktail I can do.


Anybody have any thoughts or suggestions for me.

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Thanks for all the info @@talicea7812! I hope things start running a little smoother for you and you hear back from the head coordinator. I would be having anxiety attacks with it being that close to the wedding! I am type A to a certain extent, I like everything to be taken care of or I obsess over it until it's done....so I am interested to hear about how they respond to all of this. My fingers are crossed for you, please keep us updated! :)


@@beccafries The email I have from the coordinator states that, "if the group exceeds the maximum noted above or if you prefer to be seperated from other guests at in the resort, then I private event can be arranged." I am assuming this means there isn'ta maximum or minimum for the private event if you're paying for it. She also stated, "private events can be held on the beach or other areas throughout the resort. We offer both standing private cocktail events (hightops and no chairs) they are two hours in length with one hour of food service."

From what it sounds like you just pay the fees listed in the banquet menu I posted above.


The only thing I've personally had an issue with is the fact that you have to pay extra (on top of the ceremony price if you don't qualify for it to be free) for the bouquets and boutonnieres plus any ceremony decor you want. I know @ some of the other resorts I looked at (Secrets/Now resorts in particular) the bride and groom's stuff was included. Some of their packages also included pictures and you have to pay seperate for those on top of the ceremony fee as well. I also emailed my WC back yesterday because I was only planning on doing the semi-private dinner that comes with the ceremony Always and Forever package about an hour or so after the ceremony (after pics) and then we were just going to go to the tequila bar afterward because I am having an at-home reception after we return and I do not see the point in spending an obscene amount of money to do it at both places. The problem is, the semi-private dinner is for up to only 25 guests and we're inviting 35 not including us. That's no to say everyone will attend but I emailed my WC to find out if we couldn't go like 5 people over for the semi-private, it sounds like the answer is probably going to be no based on the info in the email I have but I thought I would ask anyways. I don't have a problem paying seperate for a casual beach dinner or something I just won't pay for the s'more party I was going to do as my "welcome party" and then use the semi-private dinner as the welcome dinner instead but it's kind of irrtating if I have to do that and I'm only over by 5 people. Also, if the semi-private dinner is only for up to 25 guests then what am I supposed to do with the other 5 when we have the welcome party? Tell them, sorry you can't come? @@ng2015 @@talicea7812...not sure if you guys were planning on using your dinner or what you were doing for that, thought I would tag you guys and ask. It may not even end up being an issue if we have under that amount attend but still.


Anyways, @@beccafries, hope this helps!


Sorry to keep blabbing away haha.

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as of now we are using our dinner reservation the night before the wedding.  Kinda like a rehearsal dinner...even tho they can't guarantee me a rehearsal.  Whatever, just an excuse to get the group together.  Anyway, I have 25 guests.  We are right where we need to be for it to not be a problem. 


As for going over...and im not 100% sure on this...I think they will do it, but for a per person charge.

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Wow! so Zaida Marcos (check out her work on facebook) gave me a price quote for my cake... $6 per person!  That's $150 for the whole cake and half the price of what Azul wants to charge! Not to mention fondant style not buttercream.  I have sent this info to my coordinator.  Again, I will be looking into if it is possible to have these items delivered to the hotel and have someone go out to get it.  The price differences are insane!


After having lunch with a friend of mine this weekend, we got to talking about her destination wedding.  She was married at Dreams Cancun.  I had an amazing time and the resort was awesome.  she said she didn't experience any problems like I am having with Azul.  She handed them a box of decorations and the hotel set everything up at no extra charge. 


Just an FYI for you, Dreams Cancun has been bought by Hyatt and will be the Hyatt Ziva Cancun. Just thought you might want to know with everything you've been through



Im trying to bring in as much as possible.  someone on here said they wont let any deliveries come past the main gate...which is about 2-3 miles from the actual resort.  My Fiance and the groomsmen are willing to take a taxi or something to the gate to meet the vendors.  have you gotten quotes for flowers yet? who have you contacted?


don't know if this helps or not, but here is what I have for flowers in the RM:






not sure if this one is right or not but google Maya Diseno Floral


There may be one that is the same as another. I haven't gotten into great detail yet, but hey it might be worth a look


Good luck!!

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Dreams Cancun...what about Dreams Riviera Cancun??


No. Dreams Riviera Cancun will continue to be an AMR resort.

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@@acw271011 Thank you for the information!! I will definitely look into those companies!! Also, do you happen to know about DJs? I keep hearing about doremixx but the website is outdated which kind of scares me. If I'm going to fork over another outside vendor fee, I want to be able to know what I'm booking. 


@@KaraEbeth I didn't get a free event because I didn't book with a gourmet inclusive preferred travel agent but I did do the Brides Dress Rehearsal so I get $500 towards food and beverage...not sure if I'm going to use that toward a rehearsal dinner or the reception.


@@talicea7812 please keep us posted! I know it'll all work out, it's just a shame they're so stressful to work with

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@@ng2015 thanks for the info.


Girls, I need to vent. I'm a little frustrated tonight. We let some of our family and friends know more info regarding the rates and the deposit for the trip tonight and some aren't being very supportive and are upset about the cost. It's a little hurtful, I've priced a deluxe room with my travel agent for 4 days for some of our guests for $900 something to make it a little cheaper for them and we still have family complaining. Some of my closest friends whom I would probably have as bridesmaids if we were doing it here haven't really even asked how planning is going and they really don't even act that excited for us. It's just a little hurtful because my fiancé and I have always been there for them and while I by no means expect people to go and I understand if they can't afford it, I do expect them to keep their negative opinions about it to themselves..... Even if you can't afford to go you could at least still have interest in the plans. Sorry to sound like I'm whining my feelings are just a little hurt tonight.

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