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Lol I had the same problem. I ended up using the little tab on the top that was like a -II symbol that allowed me to move the image to the right a bit at a time... Until it was approximately in the same place as the box, and then deleted the box and adjusted the location of the text boxes... It looks good now but boy was it frustrating!! (I also had to obviously rotate the image



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Quick question!! I'm trying to apply our pic to the same passport invite and it's not allowing me to. Plse help!!

can you shrink the pic using paint?


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Ok ladies, help me out! I ordered really nice Passport Invitations from Zazzle, (super cheap, score!) and now my only question is, response cards? I set up a website on The Knot and wanted to know if it was cheesy to set up an Online RSVP? I think it makes sense, and saves some money on postage, etc. BUT, along with the passport invites, I wanted to include the website info, etc. How should I go about doing this? AHHH! Help!

My passport invite will include info for booking, etc. - they will need to book through our travel agent and this will be how guests rsvp. Our TA also offered to answer all questions guests have - anywhere from flights, room options, etc. I am also going to include our knot website on our passport -- they can find out more about little details, the hotel, etc. 

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