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Hello ladies-


My fiance and I are planning our destination wedding in April 2015.  We originally were planning on going the all-inclusive hotel & then ceremony/reception at Las Caletas....but now are considering doing everything at Playa Fiesta.  We would be able to do a full buy-out of the hotel, so it could be a great experience for ourselves and our guests!  


In crunching the numbers, Playa Fiesta seems to come out MUCH more expensive than an all-inclusive resort + Las Caletas, which is discouraging me.  Of course we want to provide a great time -- so adding on entertainment & a few dinners, but it seems like a full-all inclusive is just such a huge cost saver!


Has anyone out there held their wedding at Playa Fiesta?  Did you find that it ended up being more expensive or cheaper than what you had budgeted for?  Any other tips to help with this indecisive bride make a decision?


Thanks so much for your input!

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