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Hello, hubbie to be here.


We are all booked and ready to go for our April 17th wedding at the Ocean Turquesa, my question is, has anyone dealt with them and more specifically the sound system provided for both the wedding and reception. I am worried that MP3 won't work or burnt cd's. I have ask our coordinator and she said to try it before to make sure, I need to know ahead of time.


Any help would be greatly appreciated,




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Hi!  Welcome and congrats :)


I'm getting married at OCT on June 5th.  I'll be using their DJ for the reception - have you looked into this option?  I think it's $800 for 3 hours.


As I haven't been married there yet I don't know about the sound system quality, but this is the right website to find out about it!  There's a big huge thread called "Ocean Coral &Turquesa Brides" that might be more helpful!

Here's the link to the thread I was talking about:



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