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Hi All,


My name is Issey, I got engaged November 14th, 2013 - a week before my birthday :) . I will be getting married April 16, 2014 at the Azul Fives Resort. I am hoping to meet more Azul Fives brides to discuss wedding plans, share ideas and pretty much just help each other. I found it really helpful reading some topics in this forum which have helped so much with my planning; but i just have not seen one dedicated to AZUL FIVES BRIDES! Woohoo!


Here is a picture of my ring. I chose a yellow sapphire because my fiance, Mike and I are Sagittarian.  I will continue to post my plans etc in hopes that more Azul Fives Brides will follow suit. :P



At Start of Wedding Preparation


So the first thing I did after we decided on a date and place was research resorts in Riviera Maya, Mexico. I fell in love with the Karisma Hotel group just from looking at their wedding page ( I truly believe after this happened, that the image you put out is important for businesses - I just hope they will provide us as good a service as their website looks)


Second thing I did was register with destination weddings Travel (www.destinationweddings.com) to sort out room costs and also reserve our wedding date with Azul Fives.


It worked out to be $687 per person in a double deluxe room. I was also advised to attend the Karisma webinar by Pam, my wedding specialist at Destination Wedding Travel and was given 20% discount on food and drinks for my private event and a free room upgrade. I am hoping I can use the Sky Deck for my reception but booked the One room suite for my Fiance and I ($1882 each for 7 days) -  keeping my fingers crossed that we will get this upgrade

My Wedding Colors


- Magenta

- Lime Green

- Yellow


Using Photoshop, I created the shade of these colors that I wanted to ensure all my vendors used the exact color for the wedding using the HTML color code - see attached ( it has been a guide for me as well to ensure I am selecting the right color shade although as I have come to realize, color shades can still be tricky.



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The Save the Date Cards


I wanted to make sure I incorporated something Mike and I have in common in the wedding, so I settled for our birth sign. In designing the Save the Date cards, I contacted Beth Roller of JoyfulPixels on www.etsy.com. She was very good at bringing my ideas to live with very little guidance. Price was also reasonable.


I used the date guests had to confirm their rooms as the RSVP date. 







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@@isymiyake2000 I think this wedding may show you a bit of what you can expect in the sky deck, the beach is a bit crowded, the hotel property beach is not too long to have a private spot, your best bet is the Sky Deck, at least for me, also the hotel has in the right side, when you loo at the ocean, a public beach and It gets full of workers, I live over there and each time I go, it is like that




Good luck on your planing!

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@ do you have an idea where the reception was held and I see you do photography. Do you do videography as well. I have the following events planned for the week of the wedding and would love it all documented but concerned about costs, can you suggest the best way I can do this?




My wedding is on the 16th of April at Azul Fives, I would like a quote for the following events


- Welcome Cocktail, Monday April 14th @ 8 for possibly an hr or 2

- Traditional Ceremony, Tuesday at 12 noon ( 30 mins to an hr)

- Cruise -- 1hr 30mins

- Rehearsal Dinner - at 6pm possibly 2hrs

- wedding ceremony, Wednesday 16th at 6.30

- Cocktail hr at 7

- wedding reception afterwards


Thank you

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We are getting married at Azul Fives on January 11, 2015. I don't see a 2015 board so I thought I'd post here.


Anyone doing their reception in the garden with the pool deck as the dance floor? We were considering this. I have my heart set on a Sky Deck ceremony its beautiful and private.


isymiyake2000 I'm interested if most go with the signature collections or just creating your own package with Lomas too!

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@@KScheer were you told the pool deck was an option? I wanted my wedding in the garden but considered having the reception at a pool deck but was informed by Stephanie my wedding co-coordinator that the pool deck is not an option at Azul Fives. hmmm...below was her email to me.....Have you started your planning?


Stephanie Collazo
To Me
Dec 30, 2013

Hello Isi,


The Pool Deck location is not available at Azul Fives. These are wedding locations at our other resorts Azul beach and Sensatori.


Thank you

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@@isymiyake2000 - I have photos if you would like to see from one of the wedding coordinators.


She said we could have our reception in the garden and the dj/dancing is setup on the pool deck (that's what she called it) 

Its just the cement area surrounding the pool where the chairs would usually be.


I'm curious about the S'mores party you can have on the beach I saw someone else mention it. Not sure how much it cost?

I'm waiting to find out who my wedding coordinator will be. How far along are you with planning?


I'm so happy to have another bride to talk to who is getting married at Azul Fives :)


My personal email is kascheer57@yahoo.com if you want to chat or see the photos.

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@@KScheer I would definitely love to see the pictures you have. I honestly feel like I have the worst wedding coordinator. I am not sure if she has been providing me with sufficient information - I barely even get a response and when, she apologizes for the delay due to having to play catch up..I am clueless


Here is what I found on the S'mores beach party but you will have to contact Azul Fives for pricing



Who can resist s’mores, made of toasted marshmallows sandwiched between chocolate bars and graham crackers? We’ll light a beach bonfire and provide the toasting sticks and ingredients for campfire fun. 

* Provides sticky-yet-memorable moments.

  • Beach bonfire, toasting sticks and ingredients!
    Contact us for current pricing information








Planning-wise, I am at the invitation stage. I am glad as well to have an Azul Fives brides to discuss with. My email is isymiyake_2000@yahoo,co.uk


I am having to plan a wedding in 5 months so, yeah CRAZY! But trying to pull it off. We had our guests RSVP by confirming their rooms by 01/09/14


I used wix.com in creating the website : www.mikeandisi.wix.com - that cost $0


I will share my invitations with you once I am finally done with them. I feel like I am learning as I go :-)

Oh yeah - I am also still researching a photographer and videography for the wedding but I have seen no good reviews for Caribe, even though their prices are reasonable - thought you might like to know :-)

sorry - meant www.mikeandisi.wix.com/weds

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I just emailed you! :)

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