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hi all-

Let me just tell you about my experience.   We got married in Jamaica with close friends and family.  A month later, we had an at home reception. Very casual, but still costs add up.


If I could go back, we never would have had the at home reception. We had all of our close friends and family there with us when we got married.  By the time we got back home, we were over all the wedding hoopla and didn't want to even have it, but invitations were sent out before we left for our weddingmoon.


The at home reception was a lot of work and stress, which were two of the reasons we wanted a destination wedding in the first place. Plus we didn't need added stress as newlyweds!!!!  We had so many people who didnt come to the at home reception because they had already been to the wedding and we had about 20 people who RSVP'd and then never showed up. Also, lots of "friends" and family who were invited to wedding and said they couldn't afford the trip, still never showed up for the AHR.  Those people were the main reason we had a second party and they didn't bother to come anyway.  This experience has shown me, if anyone truly wants to be at your wedding, they will find a way to make it to your destination.   If anything, meet the people who couldn't come to your destination for a nice dinner instead (which is what I wish we had done). 


We tried our hardest to talk to everyone who came and I was completely exhausted by the end of the night.  It made us realize that we made the right decision by doing a destination wedding because we were so happy and relaxed on our actual wedding day.


Just my two cents, but unless you absolutely want another party.... save your money and take another honeymoon with your new spouse  :)

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we're doing everything taditional, just more relaxed. Ill star in my dress, well do our dances, and were doing a cake top but cupcake tower. Were doing mini meal buffet (sliders, etc). Were doing a banquet hall that has a lot of outdoor activities, we made a cornhole set, kanjam, beer pong. We want it to be a party! And we dont want to go broke :)

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