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Getting Married In Fl April 2014?

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Im a photographer from sweden, and I am visiting my relatives in Florida (orlando & jacksonville) in April 2014, the 18-24. I am now looking for a weddingcouple that may be getting married around these dates and want to get photographed/maybe an extra photographer to your wedding. You get all photos for free. This is just for me to learn and try something different.
I don´t really know how to find a couple but I have to start my search somehow. Maybe you know someone? This is just for my portfolio and just a fun experience for me. A dream!

Please let me know if you know anyone out there, and we can figure something out together.

Or maybe I am at the wrong site and may not be aloud to write this here? Maybe you can give me any tip of any other sites? I would be so thankful.


Linda-Pauline Pehrsdotter Weglin, 27years, sweden, ljusdal.

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I think you should open a store for photography business. Also if you want to learn photography then you should take pictures of natural things nearest to you rather than asking others or, should take wedding pictures near to you. Along with it you should join photography classes. I know a bit photgraphy that I'm going to use in my wedding.

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