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Having A Maui Four Seasons Wedding On A Budget?


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Hey there! I'm new here, my fiance and I are newly engaged. We're from New York and have been researching a New York wedding, and the prices are just insane. We went to Maui last year and had an amazing time, so we decided to compare costs to getting married in Maui, with all the travel costs included.


We went to Spago when we were there and I have my heart set on having our wedding dinner there. Ceremonies and everything else involved with ceremonies and weddings are rather pricey there.


I was wondering if anyone has had their wedding at the Four Seasons but has had outside help for everything you're not required to have them provide, in order to keep all other costs possible down? Or if anyone has had there wedding there and figured out ways to cut costs?


Thanks so much!

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Congratulations on your engagement!


If you are trying to keep costs controlled, you may want to consider a different location for the wedding.  There will always be  costs that you don't expect planning a wedding, and this is not a budget property.


Even if you could afford to do a wedding there without budget concerns, some of your guests may have a challenge with the cost of staying there.


It may be worth considering honeymooning there as it is a fabulous property - one of several on Maui in the Wailea area.


I will be traveling to Maui in March and would be help you with information/photos.

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