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Would you book a hotel before it officially opened for your wedding?

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Hey gals,


If you haven't already heard, they are currently building a brand new Secrets Playa Mujeres near Cancun, and it is scheduled to be open November of next year (2014). The sample pictures of the website look amazing!! However, when I mentioned this to my fiance he basically said "no way" because the resort was not built yet and he wanted a place more established.


Would you consider booking your wedding at a resort that was newly built? Our wedding is supposed to be April 2015 so it would give time to get the kinks worked out.




PS: for those interested, here is the link for the new resort: http://www.secretsresorts.com/playa-mujeres-resort-spa

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Hey travelgal78,


congratulation on your up coming wedding, i hope your having fun starting your planning.


the new hotel does look amazing but i would be inclined to side with your fiance on this one (promise its not the guys ganging up on you!! lol)


it says that the hotel is opening November 2015, that assuming that the "project" runs on time, chances are it will open later than that.


that only leaves them with a couple of months to get into the rhythm of how to run proper weddings etc


not to say that they wont be able to get up to speed with things but i personally would rather go somewhere that has been doing wedding day in day out and have it nailed on the head before paying out so much money and hoping that everything will work out ok.


like i say its only a personal opinion, take it for what its worth, but i wouldn't be risking it just in case.


whatever you decide i hope you have a great time with your planning and a great day with your friends and family



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