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Hi ladies!! I am so excited to see everyone's feedback! My fi and I are having our wedding at ERC 10/4/14 and I cannot wait! We are expecting about 70 guests or so. We were thinking of doing the reception in the Grill because it can fit up to 70 people. Has anyone had their reception there and how was the temperature?


Wonderful Gloria showed me Barcelona but I was concerned that it might be too "blah" for a reception. How did you ladies dress it up?


I love the idea of the tequilla conga line! :)


Also - what type of room did you book with your groom for your stay? Any regrets? I have stayed in the standard room which was great but we were thinking about getting the honeymoon suite with rooftop terrace until we saw the cost. We aren't on a budget but it is going to run about $4400 for a week in that room and we aren't doing our actual honeymoon until Dec. So I think I would rather save the $$ until the actual honeymoon when we are spending more time in the room versus during all the wedding activities. Thoughts?!?!

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