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Playacar Palace wedding

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Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone have experienced a wedding in Playacar Palace resort. I have some questions.

1. has anyone had used a photographer and hair and make up stylist from Mexico? if you have and you were happy please give some suggestions.


2.Is there more private areas on the beach of the resort for the wedding ceremony? where they set up for the wedding ceremony is usually behind the pool on the beach and there are lot of people around. I am looking for a more private area.

3. how is the overall experience? we can't go for the site inspection until Jan of 2014 and we have to put the down payment by next week. should we wait after the site inspection or there is no need?


Thank you all



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Hello Ana,


I'm getting married on August 2014 at Playacar, but I haven't visited the resort.  Last summer, we went to Cancun and we choose a different Resort, but at the end it didn't work.


Please let me know how was the inspection, I know they have 3 different places for the ceremony (beach, garden and ocean front close to the beach) but I can not picture any.  Do you know if they have a nice gazebo?


For the reception they have 3 choices (beach, by the pool and disco).


I'm trying to contact Lupita (the wedding coordinator) but it is very difficult to talk to her.  


If you are able to take any pics please send it to me.





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I am also looking into getting married at Playacar March 2015. I have no idea where to start and who to talk to. I have so many questions that need answers. Does anyone have a contact information for the wedding coordinator there? And, I am looking to invite 50-75 people. Does anyone have the pricing on how much everything costs? Food wise, can we do a food tasting during our site visit? I am also planning to get married at a local Catholic church. Has anyone done that before?

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