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Kiera Magnus

IDK what to expect, can anyone speak from expirience about people attending a destination wedding?

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First off if this topic doesn't belong here, I apologize and encourage the moderator's to move it, this seemed like the logical place to post this.


We want and intimated beach wedding in NC around 50 people, including immidiate  family and close friends.  We are from Western Pa,  so are most of our guests. If we could afford and wanted a bigger wedding i'm sure I cold easily send out 100 more invitations but I don't want 100 people there. I know most of my fiance's extended family (first cousins) will likely come, on the other hand mine is kind of flippant and don't like to make decisions till last minute. They also might expect us to put them up somewhere ( my dad has done it before for other things). I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings by not inviting them and I have a back up list incase somoene can;t come and I want to invite someone else in there place. But what do I do if 6 weeks or less before the wedding, one of my flighty relatives says they are coming after all? Or like 2 weeks? My family is so unpredictable and this is not the kind of event you can wait til the last minute to say yay or nay!


Any advice is much appreciated!

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