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Feb 2015 newbie looking for Cancun-Yucatan suggestions

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Hi All- I am a newbie looking to plan a February 2015 wedding in either Cancun/Puerto Morelos/Playa del Carmen/Riviera Maya. I really wanted a nice all-inclusive with top notch food but am finding this to be a challenge when I factor in my 9 yo niece. She will be heart-broken if she isn't at the same resort as everyone else (e.g., me, my parents, etc...). I really wanted to go the AI route to make it easy & truly relaxing for guests (no worry@ budgeting for meals, fun free classes like Sushi making, wine tasting etc...). :confused: I have seen on other sites that Beach Palace is an option worth exploring but also saw not so fab reviews re food. I have stayed at Aventura Spa Palace & know the food there was average. Guessing many will read this and think I am being too picky. If anyone has suggestions & feedback on how they got around similar dilemmas, please send them my way. Also, if you have planner/travel advisory recommendations, please send those as well. Thanks in advance!

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