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I'm new and i have no idea what i'm doing!

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Hi everyone,


My name is Ashley and my finance and I are looking to get married in 2014-2015.


We've been engaged since last December and actually had a venue and date picked in the city.

After having major issues with the preferred caterers - we decided to cancel the venue - as the fun and excitement was getting sucked out of the planning.


We decided to go back to the original idea of a destination wedding. I'm from Canada and my finance is from the UK - so one side would of always had to travel a distance anyways.


We're just getting started on our planning - we're looking for an all inclusive - we want our guests to arrive and not have to worry about anything extra - unless they decide to dine elsewhere, excursions etc.


We have no idea about location, resort etc. After looking at so many they're starting to become a blur.


We want direct flights that are easy for our guests Toronto Canada and London UK.


I look forward to reading through all the threads! :jiggy::woot:



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