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Unique Wedding Invites

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Hey Brides,


Not sure why I didn't think of this soon but for those of you who are looking for a unique destination wedding invite I thought I would share mine. My invite was a 14 page passport (not including the front cover), printed in colour, that looks identical to a real one. My RSVP was a boarding pass that has a perforated edge which could be torn off, making the rest of the RSVP a post card size that could be mailed back without an envelope.


For those of you who live in Ontario, there is an artist that I used that can do it for you and even ship it to you. She is a zillion times cheaper than a print shop or buying the standard fancy-papered invited from a wedding invite store (which are never really unique).  She can do any kind of custom invite!  Her name is Krista Schnieder and you can check her out on her blog spot (her contact info can be found there as well): http://www.kristaschneider.com/blog.html


I have the outline of the final print already done so all you would need to do is change your info. In addition, for those of you who are staying at the Majestic Colonial it already has all the info in it for you :)


Here is what can be found on each page:


Outside Cover- The Canadian Emblem

Pg 1- Inside front Cover

Pg 2- Official Invite

Pg 3- Resort Info

Pg 4- Accomodations

Pg 5- Travel Agent Info

Pg 6- Itinerary

Pg 7- Dining 1 (this is the center page of the invite)

Pg 8- Dining 2 (this is the center page of the invite)

Pg 9- Activities at the resort

Pg 10- Golf

Pg 11- Excursions in the DR

Pg 12- Trip Tips

Pg 13- Our Contact Info

Pg 14- Map

RSVP is separate to the invitation

    ***note that each page has actual photos of the resort, dining, excusions, etc that are printed in colour.


If you would like me to send you a copy of the outline please let me know. I will probably have to email it to you so be sure to include your email address.


Happy Planning :)




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Note: I did find out how to make the invites myself via a DIY website but unfortunately I am not crafty and nor did I have the time to spend... I had plenty on my plate during the planning period including working full-time like most others and really did not want the additional stress.


Below is the Youtube video of the original designer and what her invites look like... mine are almost identical but with some personal touches:



In addition, Krista Schnieder (the artist who did mine) is an artist by trade and is very capable of doing whatever you want. She saved me tons of time and stress. I strongly recommend her.


Happy Planning!



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