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Best dress material for TTD

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Okay, so I've searched the previous posts and couldn't find it and I've tried to Google the question and still no luck. So I'll preface this with an apology if the question has been asked and answered already. I'm definitely doing a TTD and I'm using my real dress. Here's my question... what type of material should my dress be that won't be see through when it gets wet? Is that even possible? Does the color matter? My dress won't be white, since this is a vow renewal ceremony,so maybe champagne??? I've fallen in love with 2 dresses one is mostly satin dress and the other dress has a lace overlay. I can't decide between the two, so since I know I don't like the see through thing, if one were less see through, I'd be able to decide. TIA! Oh and a word of caution,no matter how you Google the words wet and satin it will produce X rated results, so don't do it at work, in front your mom or kids.

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