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Starting Early! Feb 2015! Cuba

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Hi my name is Sam. Honestly i never even thought of having a destination wedding i always wanted that big wedding in a church with like 250 people wearing the big poofy princess ballroom dress but my hubby has opened my eyes to a destination wedding and now i am all for it! We are thinking Cuba since its inexpensive we aren't getting married till Feb 22, 2015 but i have already looked at so many resorts my head is spinning. I'm nervous of it being like McDonald's commercials where you have this beautifully put together Big Mac but when you actually get one it looks like a sloppy mess....So i am looking for some input on resorts to get married at in Cuba. Actual feedback from brides who got married in Cuba would be WONDERFUL! I am trying to keep this wedding as budget friendly as possible!


Thanks for the help!!

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