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Sikh and Indian Brides 2013-2014 in Punta Cana

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Hi to everyone and all our soon to be brides!


I'm looking to plan a wedding next year in Punta Cana. At first I was leaning on Mexico but have now decided to change it to DR based on my wedding coordinator's suggestions. I found so much info here from Sikh brides in Mexico and am wondering if there are any who can provide some advice/tips/help for Punta Cana or anywhere in the Dominican?


I'm curious what you've done for your bridal henna? Flew someone out? From where? How much did this set you back?

DJ - local or flew someone in or just played from an iPod? What about during the ceremony? How did you handle the kirtaan music?

Speaking of ceremony - did you fly in a Babaji from home, or the one we all hear about from Mexico?


Any help would be super appreciated! I'm getting stressed out again because we're starting from scratch at a new location. Even resort tips! Somewhere with a gazebo or nice set up for a Sikh wedding would be helpful.


Thank you thank you!

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Hi RubyB,


I am currently planning my Hindu/Sikh destination wedding at the HardRock Punta Cana resort which will take place in October. There is still a lot to do but it is coming along. I am curious as to whether there is a henna artist down there in Punta Cana. Does anyone happen to know? And if so, a contact number and name? 


Also, would anyone know any Gyani's we can fly down from Florida? I know there are Gyanis in Mexico.


And looking for an indian DJ in Punta Cana... ??


Some of the vendors we are flying down from Canada and the states, but it does add quite a bit to the costs.





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Hi Bean84, 


I'm still having trouble finding a Babaji myself. My wedding is in Sept 2014 and the flights for the Babaji in Mexico City is nearly $1200/person plus they want $2k USD in fees so it's way too expensive. I'm trying to find one locally in Toronto Canada to fly out with us but it's hard because of their VISAS or they're being very 'traditional' and fear what others in the Sikh community will say. I'm noticing through these forums, a lot of Sikh brides from Vancouver are finding it easier to fly out the Babaji from BC. 


Can anyone give me the contact info of the Babajis they flew out from BC?


Regarding henna, I decided to do mine literally the day before I fly out. I leave on a Friday and my wedding is on a Monday. My henna will be done on Thursday morning. 


DJs can be provided by the resort I think. Mine is at the Grand Palladium Palace however ultimately I decided to book a videographer, photographer and DJ all from Canada and fly them out. I don't think anyone else can do the videos/photos/music they way we've come to expect in the South Asian community. 


How's your progress going? Any luck finalizing these things yet?

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