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Symbolic VS Legal Ceremony... Your Thoughts?

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This was a response for a bride who was debating whether a legal ceremony was needed or not; many liked this response so I thought I should share! Happy planning!

As my friends here have said... they have no idea what they are talking about. Whomever posted that is in on it with the judge in Dominican or something hahahaahha

Listen, first of all, people are joining you to celebrate with you because they love you and want to see you the happiest you have ever been; they want to be a witness to your best moment ever and that will be when you kiss eachother for the first time after you exchange your vows and exchange rings for the first time and not signing some documents. If it makes them feel better, for those few, bring a certificate from home to the beach and/or a copy of your legal papers and sign the contract right there on the beach. It really is not a big deal so ignore them. A judge in Mexico costs about 400 dollars to go marry you on the beach! And then, it is legal in the US and Canada but still you will have to go to the courthouse and get it validated anyway in the US and trust me, as a Mexican/American citizen I can tell you that having two legal "lives" in two different countries causes nothing but trouble. Sometimes I wish I was just either American OR Mexican citizen; so I can relax and not worry about the IRS and Hacienda (the Mexican IRS) at the same time! Papers, papers, and more beurocracy! Get married legally by mail. I am sure it is possible now :) My point is that the legal part is the least important, it is your union which matters.


So do yourself a favor keep it simple and sweet, get a blessing form a preacher/priest and if I were you, I would make some legal looking contract but in a spoof kind of way :) Make it look official but a bit oversized so people can see it well and let it read something like this... Groom contract:

I hereby donate all my bathroom space to Mrs. Keeley

I hereby relinquish my Saturday's to Farmer's Market shopping

Bride Contract:

I hereby authorize Mr. Keeley to Wear New Balance Sneakers with Khakis

I hereby relinquish my right to the TV on Sundays between 12PM and 10PM


Something like that would by my style... The legal stuff is not fun or sexy and whomever thinks so is warped :)

Good luck, have FUN with it. It is YOUR time, your day and your Marriage. The guests are there to support you and hug you and cheer you on, they will not care if it is legal or not. 

Viva los Novios!! 

Martoca's Jimmy



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