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I'm planning my wedding and my mother in law is starting to be demanding?

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My future mother in law is starting to drive me nuts. Our wedding is coming up fast - Friday May 3rd. Our ceremony and reception are at the same venue and my fiance and are will be having pictures ahead of time so we have more time for family pictures during cocktail hour.

First, we were planning on having the ceremony at 4:30. My mother in law says it should be 5:30. At this point I'd have to call the venue, the officiant, and the dj to re-schedule everything. I thought the reason would be because people work during the week. She's saying though that she thinks I'll need more time to get ready. I would rather eat at 6, instead of pushing dinner off till 7

2nd - she wants us to dance to a Johnny Mathis song for our first dance because that's her favorite singer. She even has parts choreographed and wants the family to come together at the end. My fiance told her that we already had a song picked out but would play a couple of Johnny Mathis songs throughout the night. She says that she's vested a lot into the wedding and she shold get to choose. So far she hasn't given any money towards the wedding. We told her in February we would probably need some help because a lot of deposits are due. She did let us borrow quite a bit of money to pay off a credit card, but we have to pay her back after the wedding

3rd - and this is silly, but she says we have to have dill pickles served. We're having a station style wedding and one of the choices is roast beef on weck. (Very popular in buffalo, NY) She says that roast beef on weck in buffalo is always served with pickles. And, if the chef doesn't put any out, she'll bring her own pickles.

How many things do I give in to?


please help me


thank you


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