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Tipping the Wedding Staff

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Originally Posted by debralynn View Post

Does  any one know how much we should  tip the Wedding staff after the Wedding?


The Dj?

The Servers?

Wedding Coordinator?



Thanks! :D


Hello Debralynn,

In Mexico the tip goes from the 10% - 15% of the total of the service.  


For example is the photographer charges 500 usd. you tip him with 50 usd. BUT with established companies that charges you the 11% of taxes and if you are charged with a 15% of service charge for the servers and the wedding coordinator charges more than 1000 usd, then you are dealing with Professionals that do not expect to get any tips from you.


However I suggest to tip the servers that were great no matter if you are in a restaurant or a wedding with at least 10- -20 usd. 


Hope it helps and Happy planning to you all!



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It depends on how wonderful you think they worked during your wedding.


I had a fantastic planner and not only a simple employee at the resort. We gave her 250 usd.


We also tipped to the waiters (40 usd each), the golf cart driver (20 usd), the women at the spa for our updo and make up but i cannot remember how many as it was my mom who tipped them.


I also tipped to the photographer and videographer.

But I repeat that this depends on how wonderful is the job, mainly when we are talking about the planner. The rest of them normally make a great job in all the weddings, right?

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