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For animal rescue: donate old/used stuff, SUPPLIES needed

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For our honeymoon, we decided to volunteer at a Dog Rescue in Thailand. It's so sad to hear and see the stories about how the rescue can't even trust their workers and the Thai people to care for the animals.

They are in charge of over 600 animals, they provide medical help, neutering/spaying services, and room/board for these animals.

I've been to Asia, third world countries do not value dogs or cats as pets or treat them like family like we do here.  They are treated like parasites and often get abused by tossing hot burning cooking oil on them.

I would like to see if anyone would want to donate old towels, collars, etc. Things that your furbaby has out grown or no longer needs.  I'm going to lug as much stuff over there as I can.

our pets here certainly are lucky than those in Vietnam, China and Thailand.

I'm not sure where else to reach out to.


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