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Panama Wedding Jan 2014

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I was just wondering if anyone can help me out with some details and prices on a wedding in Panama? I think we are going to book at the Sheraton Bijao in Panama it looks really nice but there isn't really much about weddings and it's hard to get ahold of anyone to ask or get answers. So......I would like to know what paperwork truely needs to be done to get married there? I know we will need our passports and birth certificates but what else is truely needed? Do all the documents need to be translated and notarized and also authenticated by the Pamanian Embassy before even going to Panama? Can we get the phsyical and blood test done in Canada first or does it have to be in Panama? If in Panama do you have to pay for it, if so how much? Can the ceremony be in English or is it usually Spanish? How much did other people spend on their weddings there? We have 20 or so people going all inclusive and I know at other resorts your wedding is free if you have more than 20 people but I don't think the Sheraton Bijao is but don't want to get ripped off either as we just want a simple wedding on the beach with a reservation at an a la carte for the night of the wedding for all of us. If anyone can help me out with some answers to my questions that would help a lot!!! :) Thank you, Allie :)

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