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Iberostar Rosee hall Beach Brides 2014

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I saw there was a thread for 2013 brides but none but 2014. We just got the confirmation that our date was reserved for June 11th, 2014. I figured I'd create a thread to share ideas, struggles, tips etc. 


We are going with the gold package as we are wanting the band during the ceremony as well as the cocktail hour. We were thinking of doing our reception on the beach along with the bonfire a DJ and an open bar. We just sent our invitations last week and ask for everybody to RSVP for Sept 15th in order to get final group quotes with our travel agent. We decided to skip the save the date and only send invitations as we are wanting to get a final count sooner than later. Guests that would want to come but can't commit right away have the choice to still come but won't have access to the group rate.


Any other IBRHB out there for 2014?

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