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Destination INDIAN bridal attire - HELP!?!?!!

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#1 FutureMrsSingh

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    Posted 18 August 2013 - 01:23 PM

    Hello my fellow destination brides,

    I am looking for places to get my Indian bridal wear. I am trying to avoid a trip to India, but am having problems finding anything local. The main issue I am facing is that I am Punjabi, and most of the bridal wear in my city is catered to a more Gujarati or South Indian body type. Very stick straight cuts with no room for curves of any kind. Therefore, I am looking towards options in either Vancouver, Toronto, or California - places where I know there is a big Punjabi population, and therefore tailors and outfits that will be more tailored to my hourglass figure. Any suggestions are MUCH appreciated. What have all you Indian destination brides worn for your Anand Karaj, Sangeet, Mehndi, etc.?

    Thank you!!

    #2 FutureMrsSingh

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      Posted 22 August 2013 - 01:49 PM

      Update: So we are heading to Toronto this weekend to see what we can find. Anyone have any suggestions of shops we should check out OR avoid?

      #3 Davindane89

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        Posted 26 August 2013 - 04:21 AM

        Visit EventManagementIndia.com And contact there to select your Indian wedding dresses. I hope you will be get best satisfaction.

        #4 FutureMrsSingh

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          Posted 31 August 2013 - 09:46 AM

          Hmmm...not sure where all the Indian destination brides are, but I thought I would update this thread with information just in case any future Indian brides need the help :)


          I will preface all of this by saying that I am Sikh/Punjabi, and therefore looking for some very specific styles of clothing for my wedding. I initially wanted to do a salwar kameez for the Anand Karaj, but ended up finding a gorgeous lengha in our wedding colours, so I made the choice to go for it. 


          My fiance and I went to Toronto to check out our shopping options, and we ended up coming home with one ready to wear outfit (the aforementioned lengha), and the rest are being custom made by two different shops. I will update this post later with information about those shops once the outfits have been received. 


          The one ready made outfit that I bought was a bridal lengha for the Anand Karaj from Raja Fabrics in the Great Punjab Business Centre (Malton). There is a MUCH smaller location in Brampton on Kennedy which also has some stuff, but we ended up going to the one in Malton twice to check things out. The ladies in there were very nice and helpful. They were definitely willing to negotiate. We bought my lengha at closing time, and by 1pm the next day they called me to say that the choli/top had already been altered and the sleeves added, as per my request. Overall a great experience and I definitely recommend this shop!


          Here is the master list of shops that I created before we left. I divided it up into areas of the GTA that we would hit each day. The hours listed are for weekend only, because that's the time when we were there. I have also included my own notes and reviews of each place. 



          TORONTO SHOPS:

          NuCreation Fashions

          1414 Gerrard St. East, Toronto, Ontario M4L1Z4


          HOURS: 12-9 (Sat, Sun), Monday Closed


          * We did not end up visiting this shop



          http://www.chandanfa...a/<wbr />store/

          1439 Gerrard Street E

          Toronto, ON

          M4L 1Z7


          Bridal wear, big lengha collection, custom bridal takes 2-3 months for custom and the work is all done in India

          HOURS: 11:30-9:30 (Sat, Sun), CLOSED MONDAY 


          * We did not end up visiting this shop, but we did pass by it at night when we went to Gerrard to eat. From what we could see through the window they had a big selection and some very nice looking outfits.



          Pinky Sughand Inc

          Designer Dinesh Ramsay
          808 Britannia Road West, Unit-109, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L5V 0A7
          401 & Mavis
          Call: 416 571 9010 (his personal cell) / 289 290 0002 (call on Sat & Sun for the store)
          Ready made available
          Custom made is their main focus
          HOURS: 12-8 (Sat), 12:30-6 (Sun), Monday Closed
          * This place was not my style at all! Everything in there was very blinged out, low cut, and over the top. Also pricey. The woman working in the shop was quite pushy and didn't listen at all to what I was looking for. 
          Bombay Trendz

          801 Matheson Blvd West 
          Mississauga, Ontario ,L6V 2N6


          * Had a good selection of ready made outfits, but mostly does custom order stuff. Really nice work - definitely of quality.


          Zedds Boutique
          Contact Rita Singh
          Address: Mississauga, Ontario L5V 2M2
          By Appointment Only: 905-755-0755


          * We did not end up visiting this shop


          Garimas Boutique
          Contact Mrs Garima Sharma
          Store Location: 568 Navigator Drive, Mississauga, Ontario L5W1P9, Canada (near Heartland)
          Telephone/ Mobile: 289-242-2361


          * We did not end up visiting this shop. I called ahead of time and got a voicemail with a totally different name on it, so I wasn't sure if this place is still in business or not. 


          Oriental Costumes
          3180 Ridgeway Dr.
          Unit 39-40
          Mississauga, ON
          L5L 5S7
          HOURS: 11:30-7:30 (Sat, Sun)
          * We did not end up visiting this shop. I have been there previously and know that they have very nice clothing that is high quality, but mostly Pakistani influenced designs. 
          Sonia’s Collection
          3100 Ridgeway Drive, Mississauga, ON L5L 5M5
          * We did not end up visiting this shop. There was no answer when I called so I don't know if they are still in business.

          Eastern Collections 

          3985 Woodchuck Lane
          Mississauga, Ontario , L5L 2T5

          Tel: +1-416-818-4025

          Please note that we are available to serve you by Appointment Only.

          All custom work

          Based on styles from Pakistan


          *We did not end up visiting this shop




          Address: 42 Dundas Street West, Mississauga, Ontario
          Telephone: 905-566-0827
          Cell No: 416-846-5945
          HOURS: 11-8 (Sat) 12-7 (Sun) 11-8 (Mon) 
          Bridal wear fabric only, no ready made bridal clothing
          Ready made party wear available
          They have a tailor that they recommend
          * We did not end up visiting this shop. I have been there previously though, and they have a GREAT fabric selection, lots of nice trims and notions etc.
          Nisha Fashion
          Address: 1151 Dundas Street West, Mississauga, ON L5C 1C6, Canada
          Telephone Number: 905-232-0083
          * We did not end up visiting this shop
          Aksaya’s Fashion & Giftware
          93 Dundas Street East, Mississauga, Ontario L5A 1W7
          HOURS: 10:30-10 (Sat, Sun), 11:30-10 (Mon-Friday)
          * We did not end up visiting this shop
          Krishna Raj
          503 Ray Lawson Bl Brampton, ON L6Y 3T8 Canada   * We did not end up visiting this shop. There was no answer when I called so not sure if they are still in business.
          Frontier Heritage
          1-107 Kennedy Rd.S, Brampton, ON L6W 3G3
          HOURS: 11-8 (Sat) 11:30-8 (Sun), Monday Closed
          * I have been here many times previously, and they probably have one of the nicest collections of ready made bridal outfits, and fabrics that are unstitched. However, they are very pricey, and don't negotiate much at all. They had a nice selection of men's wear, but again, quite pricey. 
          545 Steeles Avenue West
          Brampton, ON L6Y 4E7, Canada

          (905) 456-2274

          * We did not end up visiting this shop. There was no answer when I called so I don't know if they are still in business.
          Mausam The Seasons
          7071 Airport Road, Mississauga, Ontario L4T 4J3
          * We did not end up visiting this shop. There was no answer when we called, but we did see a sign for the shop when we were driving by.
          Raja Fabrics
          Address: 2980 Drew Road, (The Great Punjab Business Centre), Unit 111–116, Mississauga, ON, L4T 0A7
          Indian Fabrics & Garments Available in Variety Of Colours and Designs.
          HOURS: 11-8 (Sat, Sun)
          This place has a HUGE selection of ready made bridal wear for women AND MEN!!!! Great men's selection! Lots of unstitched fabric, ready made non-bridal outfits and they definitely negotiate! This is where we made our one and only purchase. 
          Riwaaz The Trendz
          Great Punjab Business Centre
          2980 Drew Road unit 129
          Mississauga, ON

          905 678 8686

          HOURS: 11:30-8 (Sat, Sun) CLOSED MONDAY


          Another great find with regard to ready made bridal wear for women, and a few options for men. This and Raja are my two big recommendations for ready made lenghas, salwars, anarkalis etc. 


          HERZ N HIZ

          7116 Airport Road

          Mississauga, ON

          L4T 2G8



          HOURS: 12-7 (Sat, Sun), MONDAY CLOSED

          I was VERY disappointed with this place. It is tiny. It does have ready made outfits, including bridal lenghas, but everything looked a bit tattered and picked over. Great selection of costume jewellery though. 


          The great Punjab Business Centre also had another shop called Sonum's Creations that we liked. Great bridal lengha selection, some stuff for men, and they too are up for negotiations. 


          The biggest asset in all of this shopping is the ability to speak Punjabi and/or Hindi. It will go a long way in the negotiation department, and for general communication since many of the ladies in the shops don't speak English that fluently. 


          I hope this is helpful to my fellow Indian brides that are looking for bridal outfits without having to make the trek to India!

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