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Help needed for non-crafty person on OOT Bag!

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Hello Everyone,

I'm searching through threads finding links etc, but most are outdated, or I'm not getting responses from previous posters (I think likely due to old posting).  I'm working on my OOT bags and what I have so far is:

-mini first aid kid (pre-packaged). 

-mini lint roller

-puzzle books

-small can of pringles

-packs of tissues

-We are creating a book with a welcome letter, and printouts from various excursions available, and spa menu.  Open to ideas of a cute way to put this together.  Currently all is printed on standard size letter paper.


What I need to get is:

-Monogrammed robes for family and BM (suggestions for good robes, at decent prices - welcomed!)  Or Pashminas? (open to suggestions on where to get those)

-Clear lid, with straw cups, and waterproof sticker (going to use Etsy)

-Hand wipes (don't want to use gel, due to travel restrictions. (Dollar store)

-Note pad and pen (vistaprint, but need help with what and how to load/create custom design)

-Want to create another first aid kit, with over the counter meds such as Advil and?  maybe toothpaste etc?


What I want to do:

I want to create the bag clear kits that everyone shows on here.  The bag with the top label that appears to be stapled/glue together.  Where do the clear bags come from?

I also want to buy the stickers that I see on peoples kits, chapsticks, etc - where do I get those - I assume they are templates?


You are welcome to flood my inbox with attachments.  Seems to be I dont have the correct memebership to be able to download templates.  girlbeamer@yahoo.com.


Getting married in Cancun, November 15, 2013. Guests are coming for a "Meet & Greet" party on 9/28 - where they will get their bags.  I am in a little bit of a panic only about 5 weeks away!


Thank you,


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