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Hi Ladies!  I started looking at other threads for luggage tags and immediately decided to make them.  I got a "little" ahead of myself doing them now, as I won't actually be mailing them to our guests until a month or two before our wedding.  That's OK, it's one less thing I have to do later!  They were REALLY easy and ended up costing about 38 cents per tag.



-Advantus Proximity Badge Holders, Vertical 2-3/8 x 4-3/8, Clear, 50 per pack (purchased on Amazon)

-Bluecell 6 Inch Plastic Luggage Loops, Clear, 100 per pack (purchased on Amazon)

-Avery White Two-Side Printable Clean Edge Business Cards, 200 per pack (purchased at Staples)





1) Design the front and back of the luggage tag in PowerPoint.


2) Download the business card template (Word format) from the Avery website.  Paste the image for the front of the tag on one full sheet of the template.  Then paste the image for the back of the tag on a second full sheet.


3) Print the front image on one side of the business card sheet and then flip over and print the back image.


Front of sheet



Back of sheet



4) Fold the sheets along the lines to separate the sheets into individual cards.  This was my favorite part as no cutting was required, they separate on their own.  Quick and easy!


5) Insert the business card into the badge holder and attach the loop.  Luggage tag complete!



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I'm getting ready to send out my pre-cruise packets!  Each guest will receive one of these luggage tags and a brochure with important travel info and tips for cruising on Carnival.  We created the brochures on Vistaprint, just waiting for them to arrive!

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