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Will Fiance see your dress before the wedding?

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I wonder if the videographer and photographer will capture this moment. :) I saw a wedding video by Lovestruck Films (back then, they were called HDM...) and when she came down the aisle, the guy looked very pleased...it was cute.


Here it is:

Minute 2:35


That is the effect I would like to go for! That is a great video as well! The dresses the bridemais have on are the style I am looking for does anyone know where to find them or a designer? Thanks

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I'm sewing my own dress, so this projecthas been taking over a very central room in our house for the past few months. At first I didn't want him to see it, but it's just not practical to keep him out of one room of our house for a year. He hasn't seen it on me or with the veil and shoes so it'll still be a surprise even if he knows what it looks like on my dressform.

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