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Hello BDW Family! 2015 Curacao Bride

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Hello BDW Brides and Brides to Be! 


My name is Karen and my "Future Intended" plan to get married on our anniversary (August 15th) 2015 in Curacao.  We are a bit of an odd, proactive couple in that we have picked a wedding date and wedding location and have yet to get formally engaged! He wants to keep the moment as much of a surprise as possible so he has told me anytime between now and June 30, 2014 (the anniversary of the day that we met).  He is extremely active and involved in this wedding planning process and has encouraged me to begin doing as much research as possible so we can ensure we are able to find what we want within the budget we'd like. 


That being said, I am open to ANY AND ALL suggestions of locations in Curacao for a beautiful yet cost-effective destination wedding.  We will be traveling to Curacao this coming Aug 25-Sept 2 to celebrate my 30th birthday and will be staying at the Marriott Emerald Resort and Casino.  So far, they have the most appealing package online and we'll be doing some serious observing while we are there to see if we'd like to make that our final wedding location. If anyone has had any experience with the Marriott Emerald Resort or any other location for that matter it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, in advance, for your help! cheer2.gif

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Hi there! 


Me and my "Future Intended" are also non traditional! We are planning a wedding without doing the whole "engagement" thing. He doesn't need to ask me to marry him -- because he already knows I do!


We are also considering Curacao for the wedding! Have you found out anymore information on it? I've been struggling to find other people's reviews of the island too. We are looking at the Sunscape Resort. How did the Pre-Wedding Visit go?

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