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Villa help 2014!! Where do your guests stay? Pros/Cons

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Has anyone gotten married at Casa Cosmos or Casa Macumba? I can't seem to find information on past experiences there.


Also, is it easier to rent out a villa and have guests stay at a hotel nearby or rent out a couple villas for them to fill? Looking for some help on the pros/cons of renting out villas for your guests or just directing them to a hotel nearby. Most places have a 5 night minimum and I'm concerned that I won't have enough guests who I can commit to that. 


Thank you! 

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Hey girl - 


I am just giving my guests so suggestions on where to stay. Directing them to a resort we are getting a reduced rate at as well as like 3 other suggestions, b/c we know they are nice and somewhat close to where our villa is...so they aren't in a taxi for like 30 minutes trying to get to the villa, you know. So once you pick a villa, do a google search on hotels and choose and research a few that are close. Ask me, I went in and saw a few as well. 

As far as villas go, I Know your guests are coming FOR YOU and will probably rely on you for help with accommodations but you can only do so much, you're planning this wedding! So you can suggest a few close villas, give them the web addresses or ppl. to contact, but i'd say that's good enough. I'm not even doing the villa thing, we don't have big enough parties who would want to stay together, plus it's their vacation too. 

You're doing a wedding website right?


Let me know if I can help. 



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