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Independent wedding planner vs. resort wedding planner in TCI

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Could any one who has had a wedding or is planning a wedding in Turks and Caicos comment on why they chose to hire an independent wedding planner in addition to or instead of using a resort planner? What additional things can an independent wedding planner do/get (e.g. discounted hotel rates, photography, reception catering, etc.) that a resort planner would not be able to? Has any one tried or succeeded in planning a wedding on their own? Do you wish you had hired a wedding planner? Thanks!

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There was a similar questions a few months ago and this is what I responded with in another thread:  I would say we see a pretty equal number of weddings with our local planners and with the hotel planners.  I think it depends really on you and your wedding.   If you are a Type A personality (and I am not saying that negatively, because I am a type A) and want immediate response/details etc or have a large detailed wedding with lots of "extra" decorating/events off site etc then a planner is the way to go.  We don't have enough weddings on island for any resort other than Beaches to have a full time coordinator, so if you are using the hotel coordinator, you need to know that is only part of their job and they have other duties to attend to in the months and weeks leading up to your wedding and may not get back to you via email "right now" and may have to charge more for extra decorating, set up etc other than the package.   Additionally if you are planning a rehearsal dinner off resort/sailing trips or excursions for your group or other events, you may want to use one of our independent planners...the can do that all for you.   If you have a small amount of guests, are fairly relaxed about the process and don't have a lot of extra things to be planned, the resort coordinator will be perfect for you as well.  


What we tell our brides is to talk to the resort coordinator and talk to the other coordinators.  See who you are most comfortable with, whose prices work for you based on what you get and go with your instinct.   If you are getting uptight in the early planning stages because you can't get a response or don't like how something is handled then that is not a good route for you.  


If you have questions about resorts, rates and want to compare check with www.turksandcaicosreservations.tc  and email them.  They have all of the rates/specials etc on all of the hotels and villas on the island and also have deals the hotel's website may not have.  Its a great place to look at all of the resorts in one spot and you can email them what you are looking for.  (quick disclaimer, I have no interest in this company except they are local, very nice and switched on and do a great job with their clients).


Hope that helps,


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