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Brides of Grand Palladium Palace - Punta Cana

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Hi everyone!

i am planning a destination wedding in Punta Cana, DR for next year. I have been in contact with the wedding coordinator at this resort for the past couple of months but i still have that unsettling feeling. I have sent out save the dates, we have reserved the date, but they are telling me they dont require a deposit?!? Maybe im just used to how things run over here in NY but leaving a deposit is what secures everything. Ive asked the WC numerous times and she keeps saying no deposit is required. Have any brides out there experienced the same thing? Im terrified that we, along with all our guests will arrive to the resort, and they won't have us scheduled in.

Also I have been very confused and have no recieved straight forward answers for some of my questions, if there are any other Grand Palladium (either bavaro, palace, punta cana, or royal suites) brides past or present, i would appreciate any advice or feedback.

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