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Okay, I need some help here ASAP. I just started worrying. I am a week away from leaving, and guess I need some reassurance.


I really want to do a TTD, and I really want to wear my actual wedding dress. But I am also wearing my actual wedding dress for our AHR a month after the wedding. I have asked similar questions before, and have gotten different answers, so I am asking it straight right here.


My dress looks like chiffon, because it IS chiffon - but the layer under it, I THINK, is satin. 


Is this going to horribly stain during our TTD? I plan on getting it drycleaned quickly (if possible) between our wedding and AHR if needed (though I would rather have it in okay shape and not need that to happen). If I was not having an AHR I would not care at all. I am hoping the chiffon overlay would hide stains a bit. I am not sure.


I am getting worried about it; not sure of other options though at this point. I guess I am just wondering what everyone else's opinions and experiences are.


Here is the dress to give you a better idea:


700On the model.


700And when I first tried it on in the store.


Please help!

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more than likely water will stain satin. but it all depends on what kind of satin it is - rayon blend, polyester blend, or silk blend. 


I'd either get a 2nd (knock off) dress, or not go in the water during your TTD, just in case, since you need to wear it again.

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