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Jenn Needham

Hard Rock Hotel Cancun Brides

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Hello to all the Hard Rock Hotel Cancun Brides-to-be!

I have had a hard time finding any information about Hard Rock Cancun on this forum (or anywhere for that matter) and wanted to share my info with all of you! I will keep updating as the date gets closer and details finalize msnparty.gif


My details:

  • Wedding Date:  February.7th, 2014 @ 4pm
  • Travelling from:  Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Ceremony Type:  Symbolic (we will be legally married in Toronto prior to travel)
  • Ceremony Location:  On the beach
  • Collection/Decor:  Complimentary 
  • Budget:  $10,000 for EVERYTHING
  • Cost per person including air travel and 7 night stay:  $1722.56 including tax
  • Wedding Coordinator:  Christina 
  • Travel Agent/Agency:  Stephanie Bianco/ itravel2000 


(Stephanie from itravel2000 has been amazing.  I got 5 quotes from different agencies prior to booking and itravel2000 was by far the cheapest, by several hundreds of dollars per person. Stephanie has been in constant communication with us and has been very pleasant/helpful.)


Unfortunately I haven't nor will I get a chance to visit the Hard Rock Hotel Cancun prior to my wedding day.  I have however been to Cancun and love it there.  This means I am relying on my WC to help me decide location, etc.  I was just given my WC last week and she has already been really great.  


All of our guests (when staying 3 nights or more) recieve a $1500 resort credit that can be used at the spa, excursions, golf, etc.


Complimentary Package:  We have decided to go with the complimentary package (although the Colin Cowie Collections are ALL amazing) and add the harpist for an additional fee (approx $450)  We found that it had all of the things we needed without having to pay a ridiculous amount for chair covers and simple decor. We are bringing our photographer (which is not an additional fee if they are staying at the resort) so there was nothing not included in the complimentary package that was included in the expensive packages except fireworks which we didnt care about.



We are still deciding on many of our details and getting pricing for all so I will post as I find out more information and when things get finalized.  

Here are answers to my latest question session with Christina: 


1.       How long will the harpist play for? 45 min
2.       Can we choose the music played by the harpist or is there a choice of songs she/he can play? You can provide a list of songs or they will play 
traditional wedding songs. I do not have a list. I will ask for one if possible. 
3.       How long is a typical symbolic ceremony? 20 min but you will have the ceremony location for 1 hour so you can take pictures the rest of the time.
4.       Are we allowed to coordinate the symbolic ceremony how we want (readings, etc)? yes I would need everything in advance to coordinate with the Minister. 
5.       What documents are required for a symbolic ceremony? Passport and 2nd photo ID(DL). 
6.       What kind of decor is available for the rooftop and beach receptions? catalog attached and you can provide pics of what you are envisioning and the vendors will make it happen. 
7.       How many people are required to book for us to receive a free cocktail hour or beach reception? 20 rooms or 60 rooming nights 
8.       How many roses are included in the complimentary bridal bouquet? 24 And what colours are available? red, hot or light pink, yellow, ivory, white or peach.
9.   For the reception meal is there an option of buffet or plated and what are the food options for both? buffet is for outdoor receptions and plated is for indoor(ballroom) receptions. Menu's are attached.
10.   I am a vegetarian; I would like to have a vegetarian option for my meal. The chef will prepare you something special.
11.   Are there any “freebies†my guests and I are entitled to?  Tours, Golf, etc? They can purchase these with their resort credit. Please contact Ana at ancruz@allinclusivecollection.com regarding tours, excursions & golf. 
12.   Are there any additional charges I should plan for? We will know after you reply to the initial planning session. Depends on what you will add as far as decor, DJ, photos. etc. 

As you can tell they seem to be very accommodating and she replies within 5-10 minutes every time I email her.  

If you need any more information feel free to ask! I have a ton of information that has been sent to me by my WC in terms of decor, pricing, menus, etc. 


Hope this helps!



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Great information! My Fiance and I are booked at the Hard Rock for February 22, 2014.  Are you having the reception on the beach also?

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Congrats!  That's awesome!  We aren't 100% yet, deciding between the beach or the rooftop terrace.  We have been told we cannot have plated dinners outside, only buffet.  That is the only downside.  What about you?

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Thank you, that is some great information. We are thinking of getting married at HR Cancun November 2014. We are going to Cancun this December and check out the place before we officially book everything. What location are you getting married at HR? Are you doing any extra event like welcome dinner/drinks or anything like that. How many guest do you plan to have?

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@@Jenn Needham hello!!! I'm so glad I ran across your thread. My Fiance and I are booked for July 11 but I am having a hard time getting info from ANYONE! They keep sending me the catalog of stuff but it doesn't include price. I'm concerned about the photographer and makeup and hair. Are you using the resort for those? And what about your reception...are you doing a DJ or iPod dock? I'm getting SUPER nervous that things will not go as planned. Any advice would totally help!!


And congrats on your wedding!!! It's right around the corner!



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Hello lovely brides to be!

I am writing this from my jacuzzi at The Hard Rock Cancun!

Today was our first day here, arriving at 2.

This place is absolutely amazing. The staff treat you like royalty and spare no expense in doing so.

I've already sat down with Cyntia, my on site coordinator and everything is 100% planned for Friday.

In all, our wedding (not including hotel and air) cost us $1500. We are having a Bali bed, one large rectangular table for the dinner and IPOD station (a technician runs this) and mic/sound system. I brought one centre PC and 4 small table pcs, chair sashes, aisle decor, OOT bags, and part favours from home.

The ceremony is on beach and cocktail hour/ reception will be held on the sunset terrace, where the views are amazing.

We recieved a free room upgrade for our entire stay (which happens to be one of the best suites in the building) and our view is exceptional. I could go on and on about this place but will save that for after the wedding, where I will be able to post photos.

I love this place, best vacation ever and it's only the first day. (We travel a lot btw)

Will keep you posted after Friday and feel free to ask any questions!

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I am getting married at hard Rock Cancun in June 2015! In the begging I too found it difficult to find other people who had gotten married there. In regards to the roof top terrace..is there adequate lighting or do we need additional lighting?

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