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          We know that you will live stressful moments during your wedding day, perhaps it is mandatory to know that Bride and Groom must be the happiest people during the celebration!

Find 5 simple tricks to help you enjoy you big day;


1. Dance

The best way to show you´re enjoying every minute of the celebration is;

Get out on the dance floor and dance! If you are having a great time, everyone else will, too.


2. Put your energy into What Truly Matters

Do you remember the last time you attended a wedding? If you notice, you have memories about the HIGHLIGHT moments only; the great music, fun crowd, beautiful flowers and feeling happy about being there having great time with people you care about.

The point is, put your energy and your resources into the things that your guests will appreciate and add to their experience and try not to worry about the smaller details.


3. Trim your Guest List

Make sure to be surrounded by people you love and care. Family and friends that will be worry about You having a good time and not the other way around.


4. Roll with the punches

Even the great movies have bloopers! Don´t try to have a perfect wedding, the unexpected situations are part of the day. Knowing that despite all of your best efforts, every wedding is going to have something unexpected will help you have a less stressful and funnier day.


5. Soak it In

Steal a few minutes away at the reception with your new husband / wife , go to a quiet spot, and just look around and soak it in. Everyone you see is there to celebrate your new marriage. It's a huge reminder to be grateful for the love in the room. Then, get back to celebrating! Everyone in that room wants to see you happy, so the more fun you can have at your own wedding the more memorable it will be for everyone.










Photo by Ocean Photo Studio 

How to have a Fun Wedding


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